TSA Detains Transwoman Over Body “Anomaly”

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

A transgender woman live-tweeted what she described as a “denigrating” experience that caused her to miss a Monday evening flight out of Orlando International Airport because she was detained by federal security officials. Shadi Petosky, a writer and producer at a small Los Angeles entertainment company, tweeted that she was pulled out of line at the checkpoint by the Transportation Security Administration because of an “‘anomaly’ (my penis).” She said she was placed in a small room with frosted glass walls and told to wait, causing her to miss her flight, she said, while posting a picture of her tear-stained face. Petosky eventually was released and caught a later flight to Miami, where she tweeted she intended to spend the day relaxing. She could not be reached for comment. The TSA released a statement this morning saying that after watching closed circuit television video of the incident and considering “other available information,” agency officials concluded that the Orlando officers did nothing wrong.

Vox has compiled Petosky’s live-tweets during the incident.