Rose McGowan – RM486 [VIDEO]

Most of you probably know Rose McGowan as one of the witches from the long-running WB series Charmed, but of late she’s been branching out into fringe-y music videos. Rolling Stone recaps the latest strangeness:

Music video vet Jonas Åkerlund (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Metallica) directed the clip, which opens with McGowan peeling layers of plaster from her body until she appears hairless, nude and ghastly white. This “Alien” character represents McGowan in her purest, most natural form, and is the first of several characters she embodies throughout the clip. In a statement, McGowan detailed her various personas: The “Dark Beauty” is a challenge to preconceived standards of beauty and misconceptions about her “goth phase,” while “Green Hair Hollywood” channels the “agitated glamor” the spotlight has inspired. The spikes of “Needles” represent McGowan’s “armor and shield,” but she’s also prone to attack as “Red Glitter Bomb.” McGowan finally presents herself as “Art,” the most powerful and raw version of her self.

Once you stop gawking at the NSFW clip, it’s actually quite a good track.

  • Octavio

    Shades of The Man Who Fell to Earth. Ziggy Stardust looked better.

  • Goodboy

    Some fantastic ideas for Halloween anyways.

    • clay

      Yep, who’s got the body paint?

  • Blobby

    McGowan is not stranger to music. She ‘sang’ on BT’s club hit (?) “Superfabulous” back in 2003.

    • DirtyPierre

      She also sang “Fever” in one of the Charmed episodes….

  • I downloaded it as soon as I woke up this AM and have been listening to it nonstop. And the video is pure awesomeness. Had no idea she had it in her. Love it!

    • Lawerence Collins

      She dated Marlyn Manson for years.

      • Yes. He’s one of my faves!

      • DonnaLee

        Now I know what he saw in her other than a hot bod.

  • TKW

    Very Bjork back when.

    • Cousin Bleh

      I don’t see Bjork in this at all. Bjork has always had a bit of a quirkiness to her. This is dark dark dark. It’s more along the lines of the same industrial artists that inspired Manson… Trill Kill Kult, Alien Sex Fiend, that red mask near the end looks like something right out of a Skinny Puppy video.

      • sergemstrp

        uuuh,it’s My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult !! ; )
        And I’m loving this video

    • Halloween_Jack

      I was thinking Bowie, but then I would.

  • 2karmanot

    Looks like Budho

    • JB

      I think you mean ‘Butoh’ and specifically the Butoh troupe ‘Sankai Juku’.

      • LBj

        on a side note I’m seeing Sankai Juku at Royce Hall soon. So excited last time was 10 years ish ago.AMAZING

  • zeddy303

    Love this. Thanks for sharing!

  • hdtex

    Meh…..I’ll always think of her as the side piece that split up Robert Rodriguez’s multi-year marriage.

  • robirob

    I like it very much. In the visual style there is a lot of what Björk did in previous videos and muscically, for some odd reason, it reminds me of what Juno Reactor did with Tracy Lords on Tracy’s album 1000 Fires.

  • greenmanTN

    FYI, the words she says at the very beginning, before the music really starts, are the lines Rutger Hauer says in Blade Runner right before he, an artificial human “replicant,” dies.

    “I’ve… seen things… you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion; I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate… All those… moments… will be lost, in time, like [chokes up] tears… in… rain. Time… to die.”

    • Cousin Bleh

      As a Blade Runner purist, it annoys the hell outta me that she mangles the quote. They’re only the most famous lines in science fiction.

      But otherwise, it’s a stunning video.

      • greenmanTN

        Yeah, I thought the wording seemed a little off, but after I recognized what she was saying and found the original quote I didn’t go back and do a word for word comparison.

      • Strepsi

        It’s cerrtainly one of my top 10 movies (and the book is brilliant too) but most famous lines?

        “May the Force be with you.”
        “Phone Home.”
        “Klaatu Barada Nikto”
        “I’ll be back.”
        “I am your father”
        “You get away from her, you bitch!”
        “Do or do not do. There is no try.”
        then maybe this one…..

  • Leo Spy

    This actually reminds me of I Am Your Grandma

  • Clungeflaps

    I love nutty art school chicks.

    I hope she goes down the Karen Finley/Cosey Fanni Tutti path. There’s fewer things on this earth better than a performance artist that can simultaneously program and sequence a modular synthesizer, and spray day-glo orange tempera paint out of their vadge onto the crowd.

  • ETownCanuck

    It’s a pity she didn’t get the same surgeon that did her tits to do her face, cuz the tits are flawless…her face? Not so much…..

    • sergemstrp


    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Not commenting on her face, which I found incredibly alluring, but yes: Those are just plain gorgeous ta-ta’s.

  • fuzzybits

    I love Rose McGowan. Also loved her in “Jawbreaker.”

  • Dazzer

    People realise that she’s a horrible homophobe, don’t they?

    She’s actively attacked the idea of gay pride parades and supported the Sultan of Brunei.

    Why on earth are gay people giving this creature the time of day?

    She’s gone out of her way to say explicitly that she despises us and actively gives comfort to people who want to kill us.

    Gay people really shouldn’t be doing anything to support this woman.

    She has gone out of her way to say how horrible we are.

    • Strepsi

      I’d like some links to know more

    • aschops

      With the whole thing involving Azealia Banks today, I’ve come to realize gay men don’t care about being discriminated against – at least not when the discriminators are women with some hint of fame and glamour. These we support no matter what. The protests we reserve to the frumpy ones like Kim Davis.

    • Cousin Bleh

      GTFO with that pedestrian, low-minded bullshit.

      Criticizing the gay community for some of its fault (rampant drug abuse and misogyny to name a few) no more makes one a “horrible homophobe” than criticizing Israel makes one an anti-semite.

      • Dazzer

        What about organising a party in the Sultan of Brunei’s hotel to say how much she objected to it being boycotted because of the death penalties being handed out to gay men in his country?

        Weirdly, she also complained about misogyny among gay men and how they never spoke out about the mistreatment of women in some Muslim countries, but was happy to contribute her own money to fund that mistreatment.

        The woman is all over the shop in her thinking.

        The woman claims to be a feminist but when she’s actively contributing to the suppression of women and LGBT people, she’s nothing more than desperately confused.

        And yes, I stand by my description of her as ‘horrible’.

        • Cousin Bleh

          You mean the party where she passed out rainbow flags and invited a bunch of gays to thumb their noses at the Sultan, that party?

          • Dazzer

            And appeared to be paying handsomely to the Sultan of Brunei for the process, thereby putting money into his coffers so he could continue oppressing both women and LGBT people.

            So yeah. That party.

            Except, she didn’t put any money into the party – it was all paid for by the hotel management in a piece of blatant PR aimed at undermining any boycotts of anti-gay people.

            She threw her party (and all her friends got to drink for free) so that she could oppose all those people – gay and straight alike – who’d called for a boycott in LGBT solidarity.

            Nice use of the rainbow flag, Rose.

            So yeah. That party.

          • Cousin Bleh

            Handsomely? LOL. There were 25 guests.

            Your problem is you think there’s such a thing as LGBT solidarity. Hate to break it to you, but LGBT people, just like everyone else, are individuals with a multitude of personalities and opinions who may not always see eye to eye on every single issue. The idea that LGBT is a monolithic Borg-like entity is frankly a homophobic one.

            Rose McGowan threw a cocktail party because she believed a boycott was hurting hotel employees, some of whom were LGBT, while having no impact on the person the boycott was aimed at… which has actual merit and is an underlying issue that thinking people have to consider when boycotting a business.

            Once again, criticizing what someone perceive’s as shortcomings in a community is not homophobia. It’s just having an unpopular opinion.

            Punching someone in the face because they’re gay or firing an employee because they’re a lesbian or refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, that’s homophobia.

          • Dazzer

            Clearly I don’t think there’s any such thing as LGBT solidarity as I’m criticising the gay people who went to the party as much as McGowan.

            The effect of a boycott is to raise issues as much as anything else, and McGowan managed to have a free party for her at a PR event aimed at derailing discussion about the Sultan of Brunei’s homophobia.

            Killing gay people because they’re gay is generally considered homophobia – or do you disagree?

          • Cousin Bleh

            In every article I have read about the party, McGowan is quoted criticizing the Sultan of Brunei’s mistreatment of women and gays, so she certainly did not derail discussion. If anything, she reinforced it.

            But do continue your mindless tirade.

          • Dazzer

            LOL, while accepting his hospitality and waving a rainbow flag?

            Yeah, that’s a real protest.

            Anyway, I’ve spent enough time talking to you. Enjoy your job as Rose McGowan’s PR.

  • JCF

    This has nothing to do w/ RU 486?

  • Doug Bowser

    I saw her speak at Lincoln Center she is one of the most unlikable people on the planet.