New GOP Infighting: RedState Vs Ben Carson

Donald Trump wasn’t the only GOP contender that didn’t appear at the RedState convention this weekend and Breitbart is delighted to tell you about it.

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s long-time business manager and friend told Breitbart News that Erick Erickson lied about his reasoning for not inviting Carson to the RedState event in Atlanta over the weekend. RedState is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salem Communications, although overseen by Erickson—who is a Fox News Contributor. Salem Communications radio host Hugh Hewitt will be co-hosting the next GOP primary debate in California at the Reagan Library. Erickson told the Washington Examiner he did not invite Carson because he allegedly saw Carson speak at a veteran’s event where Erickson is saying Carson only talked about himself and President Obama. Contacted in London, where he has traveled on business, Armstrong Williams, Dr. Carson’s longtime business manager and confidant said, “This is an outrage. When I heard what Erick Erickson said about his justification for not inviting Dr. Carson, I immediately thought it was a smear and outright lie. I dare Erick Erickson to show transcripts where Dr. Ben Carson appears in front of two groups of veterans and speaks solely about himself and President Obama.”

Breitbart goes on to say that Erickson is “pushing his own agenda” rather than acting as a media outlet.

  • mattdocmartin

    Erickson lied? THERE’S a hot take!

  • clay

    i.e. Carson was too Black.

    • james_from_cambridge

      Only Carson can’t say that because according to Carson and other conservatives, racism doesn’t exist. This is called getting what you deserve. When you lie with dogs….

  • Reality.Bites

    OK, what I don’t get is what’s wrong if that is what he talked about? It’s not as if he’s ever said anything positive about President Obama.

    • Chucktech

      What’s wrong if that’s all he talked about?? You gotta talk about ‘Murikah, and gawd, and being special, and queers and abortion and support our troops and bad Mexakins. THAT’S what’s wrong, silly…

      • Reality.Bites


      • Bill Bua

        oh, don’t forget the gunz!

  • Homo Erectus

    Imagine that! – A Fox stooge publicly insulted a black man? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

  • JT

    These knuckleheads are shocked to find racism within the gooper party! Shocked, they tell us!

    By the way, has Armstrong Williams come out of the closet yet?

    • David Walker

      I think there may be a political party allergy to having a black guy in the White House for 12 years, let alone 8.

  • Bluto

    Perhaps dr ben is having an epiphany. Who woulda thunk a political party that excludes gays, immigrants, brown people, non-christians, the poor, non-subservient women & embraces bronze age mythology that eschews science, education, art, literature & welfare could also possibly hate blacks too.

  • LovesIrony

    GOP Frontrunner. “Erickson is a total loser”

    • Chucktech

      See? Occasionally, I like The Donald…

  • JustSayin’

    Ha Ha…..

  • Mikey

    Wait! I thought only the evil gays had an “agenda”?

  • Queequeg

    During the interview, Carson came off as uninformed and, really, somewhat crazy. He never answered a question, but always went into some long rambling discussion of something.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Me think the Teapublican Party has a problem with color, among other things.

  • FB post:

    I’ve seen a coupla Carson stickers around here, on the far-right neighbors I’m aware of. Methinks it’s a way for Republicans to back a black guy so as to assuage their latent racism. This guy is a THEOCRAT who has made anti-LGB statements that are on par with Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann. The only difference? He says it in that “gee, whiz” tone of voice that reminds you of your uncle.

    Uncle Ruckus, that is.