REPORT: iPhone 7 To Be Unveiled On September 9th

According to multiple tech sites, Apple will announce the release of the iPhone 7 on September 9th.

There’s still debate on whether Apple’s 2015 device will be called the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s — most people have their money on the latter, following Apple’s usual device patterns. The ‘S’ updates are more about what’s inside the device than outside, with no significant design change expected. However, leaks and reports suggest that the camera, battery and display technology are all going to receive big overhauls. Apple has been putting a lot of emphasis on the iPhone as a photography device, and that’s looking to take a step further with the iPhone 6s. An employee of Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturing company that builds Apple’s iPhones, is claiming that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will have 12MP rear cameras and support 4K video recording. This comes off the back of Apple acquiring a company in April which specialises in smartphone cameras to match DSLR quality. It also lines up with reports from known Apple expert John Gruber, who said that the iPhone 6s will have “the biggest camera jump ever”.

No change in screen size is expected.