Donald Trump Holds Lead In First Post-Debate Poll

NBC News reports:

If Donald Trump’s comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are hurting his standing in the Republican primary, it’s not showing in the numbers. According to the latest NBC News Online Poll conducted by SurveyMonkey, Trump is at the top of the list of GOP candidates that Republican primary voters would cast a ballot for if the primary were being held right now. The overnight poll was conducted for 24 hours from Friday evening into Saturday. During that period, Donald Trump stayed in the headlines due to his negative comments about Kelly and was dis-invited from a major conservative gathering in Atlanta. None of that stopped Trump from coming in at the top of the poll with 23 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz was next on the list with 13 percent.

Note that Carly Fiorina has jumped into the top ten.

  • CubbyPQ

    We have to get through the next 15 months making sure Trump doesn’t get pissed off enough to quit. He’ll destroy the GOP from the inside, letting the good guys win the election with ease.

    • Webslinger

      I do not know how I am going to get thru these elections and debates without Jon Stewart…oh well…

      • houstonray

        I know!!! I understand he wanted to leave when he wanted, but dang, one more presidential election, just give us that, ha.

  • Mark

    Ted Cruz @ #2 scares the shit out of me!

    • houstonray

      As a Texan, yes, be afraid, be very afraid. Most of us are embarrassed by him even a lot of those that voted FOR him.

      • Mark

        Cruz is slicker than a twenty dollar whore. I’m up in Collin county, outside of McKinney about 18 miles….and there are plenty around these parts sending their quarts of slick50 to Cruz.

        Other than W, I can’t think of another human on the planet I despise more.

  • Kruhn

    It’s an online poll, which as you’ve seen here many times can be easily freeped. Once I see numbers reflecting this poll on one that analyzes the likely Republican voter, I’ll be more inclined to believe that debate number one did not affect Trump.

    • clay

      Yes, it was an online poll, but one that was of identified likely GOP primary voters. Just because it’s conducted online, doesn’t mean it’s not structured, representative, and at least as reliable as landline phone surveys. Not all online polls are the kind we flying monkeys occasionally flock to on regional news sites. One of the most reliable non-academic polls, right now, is from YouGOV, which maintains its longitudinal contacts online.

      • Mike Rasor

        The problem is, NBC itself discloses it is a non-probability sample which means its results cannot be used to infer anything about the larger population. You don’t need a poll to be freeped for it to be methodolgically invalid.

  • To my eye, not a one of them appears to be a “traditional” Republican — all of them are Tea Thing candidates.

    • clay

      Remember, four years ago that would have been Michele Bachmann– there’s pawlenty of time for Cruz to burn out, just like Santorum did in 2012.

      • Mark

        Cruz has got a shit load of money behind him. Money talks – even with its mouth full.

  • e jerry powell

    Call me back in February, but only if Trump is still polling over 20% in Iowa and New Hampshire. Maybe not even then. Does Michele Bachmann ring a bell? She lost to Ron Paul, in both Iowa and Minnesota. The odds-on favorites changed with every state, and only three candidates not named Romney were able to win any states at all. Granted, one of those was our old buddy Santorum, but he didn’t even manage to win his home state — or any swing states.

  • JT

    Trump is on the phone with the Today Show about his “blood” comment. One of the things he said is that he was too smart to have meant what people took him to mean. “I went to the best schools, I was a good student …”

    Do we know what kind of student Trump was?

    • Bob M

      Just because you went to “the best schools” doesn’t meany you learned anything. If they taught manners and courtesy at these schools, he must have been absent that day.

      • JT

        Of course, That’s why I asked what kind of student he was.

    • He also said that “blood coming out of her. . .eyes, ears, mouth” is such a common saying, and he just trailed off to get to the next nugget of Trump wisdom. Which is ALSO bullshit. Who says that?

      Trump is relying on his cult of personality (and his fans’ willingness to overlook virtually any gaffe) to give him a different set of rules. When he insulted McCain, he realized he had done it (saying he wasn’t a war hero), and so he followed by saying “of course he’s a war hero,” in flat contradiction to what he’d just said. He puts a quickie patch over his insults, and figures that cancels it out. Sometimes in the same sentence. I can’t imagine trying to transcribe this man’s statements. Every sentence has a parenthetical.

  • “S/he’s a loser, by the way. And dumb, if you wanna know the truth.” That’s the typical response to any criticism. And a prime example of the depth of his extemporaneous vocabulary. I understand why he appeals to the “Get a brain, morans” crowd. But beyond that? Isn’t he a clear and obvious bully in addition to being a crass, classless, transparent bullshit artist? Same as he was in the late 1980s.

  • AndyinChicago

    I think the establishment in the Republican Party has had enough. Amongst the base, Fox News is still popular, and they’re just going to be sniping at him with more and more commentators. This is going to be a test to see how well Fox News can corral it’s stable of crazy. Until they can unite behind someone, Trump is going to lead, and since Bush and Walker sucked at the debate, they’re not going to find anyone soon.

  • Craig S

    And Bush/Walker didn’t crack the top 5. Most excellent news!

    • Lakeview Bob

      That is fucking fantastic news.

  • Webslinger

    I only pay attention to select poles never polls as the American people are fickle and disingenuous about their intentions also these ratings rarely reflect reality…yes that is alliteration


    He went to the best schools? So basically, he’s an elitist. Don’t tell that to the rubes that worship him. Their inability to experience reality is breathtaking.

  • I’m honestly surprised that he wasn’t higher.

  • Vegan Rob

    Ted Cruz is one of the ugliest and scariest morons I have ever seen in politics. I would never vote Republican, but I find pleasure in seeing Trump destroy the right-wing idiots from “inside their own party.” What these candidates all have in common: they are all homophobic, racist and greedy capitalist narcissists.

  • John T

    Of course his comments about Kelly didn’t hurt his numbers. Republicans hate women and they’re eager for leadership from a man who doesn’t let any “P.C.” filters get in the way of putting women in their place. Republican men worship Trump as the ultimate alpha male. Trump is Reddit’s “Red Pill” forum brought to life.

  • jerry

    The Republicans deserve Trump…he’s said exactly the same things they’ve been saying for years, only with less dog whistle. They’ve fostered anti-science, anti-intelligence, anti-gay, misogynistic, xenophobe and racist views…and now they’ve got it in spades. Now he just needs to name Palin as VP candidate.

  • jerry UPDATE: Trump’s lead has actually gained post-debate, JEB!*? falling in ratings.

  • houstonray

    Ted Cruz in second? Carly? Carson? WTF? Bush, Walker, not even on the list…WOW, just WOW.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Can anyone picture a Ted Cruz winning the Presidential election? Trump maybe, but Ted Cruz?