AUSTRALIA: Canberra Airport Lights Up In Rainbow To Greet MPs Arriving For Same-Sex Marriage Bill [VIDEO]

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Canberra Airport has been lit up in rainbow colours to greet federal MPs flying into the capital, ahead of the introduction of a cross-party bill to support gay marriage expected this fortnight. And Australian Marriage Equality’s new national campaign slogan, #WeCanDoThis, is also on display with hopes the momentum in the community for same-sex marriage will lead to change within weeks. High-profile Australians, including AFL players Josh Bruce and Matt Spangher, actor Hugo Weaving and television news reader Chris Bath are featuring in ads to be broadcast from Sunday, calling on Parliament to stop stalling on the issue. The Snow family, which owns and operates Canberra’s airport, have become the latest businesspeople to join more than 500 organisations in urging Parliament to endorse marriage equality once and for all.

Yesterday tens of thousands rallied in support of the bill in several major Australian cities.