Drudge Readers: Trump By A Landslide

According to over 185,000 Drudge Report readers, Donald Trump won last night’s debate. Trump took 50% of the poll’s total vote with Ted Cruz coming in a distant second.

  • SockMikey

    Analysis of GOP top 10 time used.

    • medaka

      Hah! Merkin had the least amount of microphone time: maybe that’s why our newest troll said that he did a “good job.”

  • JT

    Drudge’s very scientific “poll”.

  • Mike Solo

    I have to admit that I voted for Trump in that poll just for the lolz…

    • bryan

      I have cheered on the anger the Trumpettes have on Fox’s Facebook. I said this is not a war on women, there is a war on Donald Trump.

      • zhera

        Oh, you’re bad! Kisses for you!

      • People4Humanity

        °That° was devious and underhanded.

    • I voted twice for Trump, I was able to get in a second time using a proxy server LOL.

  • Excellent! However, I can’t imagine the RNC actually allowing Trump to be their presidential candidate so it’s good to know that he’s willing to go 3rd party mavericky on them and split the Republican vote.

    Huckabee, in his entire aspect, came across as a person filled with hate.

    • Re Huckabee: And this is a surprise exactly how?

      • I really don’t hate many people, people here know me to be a moderate. I even like some people who I don’t agree with. I have Republican friends. But I hate Huckabee. I really hate him. He is a horrible person — I have not disliked an American politician as much ever I don’t think (except Pat Buchanan who is a Nazi sympathizer).

        • Hue-Man


          • People4Humanity

            I don’t [4-letter word].
            However, I HATE Cheney.
            He should be in prison for war crimes.

    • Question– do you think they could actually stop Trump if he starts winning the early primaries and caucuses? They will put up cash of course to destroy him, but then he runs as a third party candidate. But do you think they will out and out trash him with Koch dollars?

      • Yeah, I think even if he wins enough delegates the RNC will figure out some way not to allow him to be the nominee. Have absolutely no idea what the machinations to achieve that could be but there’s no way they will let him be their candidate. I’m betting they’ll find some way to pay him off literally not to run third party. (Caveat lector: I may be proved to be incorrect.)

        • David L. Caster

          The most plausible scenario, at least in my mind, is that Trump will eventually self-destruct. People that get used to their own voices oftentimes just don’t hear themselves. Trump is likely to slip-up with some sensitive issue and give hammers to all of his GOP opposition to beat him back. The resulting inflow of political oxygen might well give the GOP Machine-favored candidate enough of a boost to retake the lead.

          It’s still very early. Plenty of time for the dynamics to evolve. Trump could tire of the effort required to engage in a 15-month long campaign and get sloppy or careless were his lead to become sustained. No matter what, we are still 6 months out from the first primary action of 2016. Plenty can go wrong for Trump and the GOP between now and then. Unfortunately, plenty can go wrong for the Democrats, too. Especially since all the eggs of the Democrats seem to be in one basket—fewer political targets are just easier to hit.

  • Joe in PA

    some spontaneous reaction shots:

  • It seems that Trump’s supporters are also the least literate of any Republican candidate: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2015/08/05/carly-fiorinas-facebook-fans-outshine-donald-trumps-in-grammar-and-spelling/

    I’m sure that’s pure coincidence.

    • JT

      As befits teabagging trolls.

  • How is he getting away with it? He told the Republicans he will not automatically support their nominee, blasted Megan Kelly for insisting he be politically correct (he came close to called her a b_tch on the air), and said that Hillary was at his wedding because he sent her campaign donations (think about this — she had to come because I sent her cash and that is how the world works. There are at least two things wrong with this line if you are a Republican). He also was challenged for making stuff up (such as the Mexican gvt sends their worst people over) and basically says well, if you don’t like it its your problem not mine. They love him for it. Trump is the center of 2016 coverage right now — but how does he get away with it? I have to admit the first hour of the debate was interesting, even though they all sounded so BORING compared to Trump. I did like the shouting matches with Rand Paul and others.

    • Sam_Handwich

      it’s the pseudo-macho posturing that the GOP base eats up

      the debate audience sounded like a displaced NASCAR crowd

      • vorpal

        Well, there was a lot of racing around in circles by the competitors, trying to avoid any collisions (with actually addressing any real issues)… so in essence, it was largely indistinguishable from a NASCAR event.

        • David L. Caster

          Not near enough left-turns though.

          • vorpal

            Okay, that gave me a much needed chuckle on what has been a rather dreary, gloomy day! Thanks :-).

          • David L. Caster

            Certainly. Anytime.

    • JT

      The teabaggers have gone to him because of his demeanor, antagonism and prejudices. I think that’s much of his base. They don’t really consider themselves Repukes and thing the ordinary candidates are “libruhl”.

  • SockMikey

    Twitter user “ducks out” on Faux debate… 🙂


    • People4Humanity

      Ha ha ha. Thanks. Posted to Twitter.

  • bryan

    Trump is revered for not being ‘politically correct’: But try criticising christianity. I guess the next time I tell them the bible is full of nonsense, I’ll say, well I’m just not ‘politically correct, I thought that was a quality to be admired’.

    • Dramphooey

      Yes, because they’re idiots that love the term “politically correct” but don’t even know the definition of it. The simply define it as “liberal.” In other words, if someone intelligent worked at a company run by TEA creatures and was fired for his/her political beliefs these morons would have the gall to say that he or she was the one that was “politically correct.”

      • JT

        To wingnuts, being “politically correct” means avoiding bigotry, something they are too fond of.

        • Dramphooey

          YES. The term is completely debased; now people just use it to defend saying something obnoxious.

    • Webslinger

      love this…

  • zhera

    30 000 drudgers think Carson won the debate? Carson!

    • I’ll Have a Latte

      That’s Allen West voting 30,000 times on his new girly-man crush.

    • medaka

      Because he said said that he was the only candidate to have separated Siamese twins? Priorities!

    • Ish

      Carson’s message that addressing racism is racist is exactly what many resentful white people want to hear.

      • Dramphooey

        That’s pretty sad. Not too long ago he resisted comparing the Rainbow flag to a Confederate flag as a symbol of hate. I guess he bled too many scum voters.

      • Webslinger

        Ben is a hypocrite…

        • Reality.Bites

          On the other hand, he is also a good argument for the abolition of all those programs.

          • clay

            (No, he’s not, because those programs aren’t about individuals, but about groups facing historical discrimination.)

  • Tso Phukt

    Just from the clips, Bush looks scared as shit, and fake as fuck. Only thing less favorably rated was Christie. Republicans are so fucked.

    • clay

      I think his glass frames obscuring his eyebrows so much makes him look surprised and empty headed.

  • j.martindale
  • GayOldLady

    Trump 1st and Cruz 2nd? The Drudge readers aren’t getting enough oxygen to their brains.

    • clay

      Six months ago, 47% of Drudge’s readers were salivating over Walker.

      • GayOldLady

        So they’re wishy and washy?

  • Mister Don
  • Queequeg

    They love the crazy. The top three, Trump, Cruz and Caron were the looniest of the loony tunes.

  • Octavio

    So, Bush and Walker are in the lead, right? 🙂

  • Martin

    How the hell did Cruz come in second? Kasich was the best even without his progay acceptance message. Teatards are insane.

  • anne marie in philly

    asswipes all!

  • MattM

    And this is after Trump was called out by the moderators for blatantly lying when he claimed he never filed for bankruptcy. He truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Oh, he was splitting hairs on that one — he, personally, has never filed for bankruptcy. His companies have gone bankrupt, not him…..

      • MattM

        You’re right. “What am I saying?” It was all semantics.

        • In all fairness, it did come across as he was lying about it. When a person and his companies are so firmly in bed together it gets a bit blurred as to who is fucking whom.

          • MattM

            His base doesn’t care in the least. Terrifying, isn’t it?

  • leastyebejudged

    A Drudge poll tho is relevant how ?

  • Nic Peterson

    Nice work Drudge, propping up the Donald.

    Folks, that queen gives me gas, but she may yet prove useful.

  • Edmund Allin

    Just out of interest, what is the consensus here amongst those who did watch?

    Did Trump dominate the debate (even if he was a little weird) or is this just the Drudge Report?

  • Nic Peterson

    I hope they used birth control provided through ACA.

  • Happy Dance

    That’s kind of like being the man with the biggest dick at the lesbian convention.

  • u THANT

    This feels just like 1980. You weren’t there. Trump generates the same response that Reagan did vs the SECOND Worst PREEZY EVAH, Trump in a landslide You morons are going to be scratching your heads on Wednesday ( if you didn’t kill yourself) going “what just happened”?