Quote Of The Day – Henry Rollins

“In a nation of hundreds of millions of people, there is one man born to lead. A man who stands head and shoulders above the rest. A lone alpha who burns incandescent in a vast wasteland of darkness. When asked to serve in Vietnam, he said no and took a deferment. He took a few of them, actually, because he is his own man. He got married. The merger didn’t work. She was fired. So was the next one. It’s business, not personal — like America! He has overcome adversity. Like bankruptcy. And with an almost Michelangelo-like genius, he conquered the K2 challenge of his hair. He is what America needs. A man with so much self-confidence that, if you put him in the Oval Office, some of it will no doubt trickle down to you. Who is this man who will put all other world leaders in their place? The same man who just read a cellphone number, allegedly Lindsey Graham’s private line, out loud so the world could hear. (Hey, I laughed.) This man is America. So bend over, relax and hold onto something solid, because here he comes — here comes Donald Trump 2016. And when he puts it in, you’ll know who your daddy is.” – Henry Rollins, writing for LA Weekly.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Henry should run… smart and so easy on the eyes…

    • SockMikey


      • bkmn

        I did get to meet Anastasia’s aunt.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen

        my favorite of Karen ever…

    • Happy Dance

      He reminds me of an angry bug! LOL

  • Todd20036

    Gods. Wicked humor and still hot. He makes me worry a lot less about aging

    • Marides48

      Aging? It happens. Accept it.

      • TommyTune

        And is much better than the alternative, of which there is only one.

        • Strepsi

          Thank you Marcus Aurelius!

          • ZhyKitty

            Ever the smart ass! lol
            I bet you put many a gray hair on your mother’s head before you were out of your teens! lol

        • ZhyKitty


        • Micah Spiese

          Immortalizing myself in a solid gold statue of me as a centaur? And yes. I’m rearing!

      • OrliJoe in Fla

        Embrace and welcome it, there are advantages… like the hot 20 something at Costco that keeps running over to help us whenever he sees my husband and I shopping… yeah, there are advantages…

        • BlueberriesForMe

          New Tumblr blog – Hotties of Costco.

    • 2karmanot

      It’s not the aging, it’s the melting. My hip eagle tat, now, has only a beak and a few tail feathers.

  • Brian G


    • barracks9

      Very much so. With tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

      • JW Swift

        You should be ashamed for the image you just put in my brain!

        • barracks9

          Now you know why I said it…

          • JW Swift

            I know, but I’m not going to be able to focus on anything here at work for Gawd knows how long, now.

            I’ll swear that it just got very warm in here, too…

          • People4Humanity

            You’re a bad dog!
            Go to my room!

      • Gerry Fisher

        I *love* when that happens. (Did I just say that with my Outside Voice?!)

  • barracks9

    Trolling: Rock Star Level

  • BearEyes

    Bend over? Now we know his fantasy.
    And it still reads like an Onion article.

    • Rich Farias


      It's Henry Rollins… go look him up.

    • Nelson Kerr

      You really don’t have a clue who Rollins is do you?

  • bkmn

    There is enough snark in there that it will take tRump a day or two to decide if he wants to sue Henry.

    • David Walker

      Or for him to understand that it’s snark.

      • OrliJoe in Fla

        You’re assuming intelligence, bless his heart.

  • uhhuhh

    I could not be less interested in having an Ann Coulter of the left.

    • Polterguest

      You’d be an excellent candidate.

  • ScottJL

    I sure hope that came with tags.

    • Turi

      Are you not familiar with Rollins

      • ScottJL

        Yes. I am. And have seen him live. I guess I should have used tags.

  • Strepsi

    Every time I think I can’t like Henry more he says something awesome. For the past 20 years it’s been like this.

    Now he went and got all silver wolfy too. Grrr!

    • Rambie


    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      He could read from the phone directory and I would still be in love.

  • Marides48

    Well said!

  • Exatron
    • Ginger Snap

      Great show. I may have to watch a few episodes today.

      • Octavio

        Ka D’Argo is dreamy. 🙂

    • GeoffreyPS

      OMG, I forgot about that scene. I’ve watched it several times now and it still makes me laugh. Loved the show.

    • John30013

      Mmm. Ben Browder…

    • Rich Farias

      I miss Farscape so fucking much… and I have such a thing for Ben Browder.

  • JT

    Why do macho straight-identifying men always go to “bend over” for an insult?

    • clay

      Because it’s not limited to men?

      • ZhyKitty

        Women are nearly 50% of the population, also bottoms on most occasions, and we take it in the ass too! (Like a champ!)

        • But socially women are seen as the passive partner in sex, so its all more or less the same no matter the hole or position. With straight men its seen as being less than a MAN, taking the ahem “woman’s” role.

          And yes, I find all this crap about passive and positions just that, crap. Its time to get over ourselves. Women are not pretty pretty princesses and men are allowed to have emotions and enjoy whatever sex they wish.

          • ZhyKitty

            There’s nothing passive about being a woman who enjoys sex.
            Just because your body (or your preference) is built to receive the cock doesn’t mean you’re not working up a sweat and performing acrobatics!

            I don’t understand how women are viewed as “weak” or “passive” in that way, nor why men who receive are either.
            That just doesn’t make any sense.

            As for straight men – I know several wildly liberated men who don’t see “anything goes once the clothes are off” (including it being someone else’s turn on top) as putting them “in the woman’s place” or making them “weaker”, since there’s fun and pleasure to be had in it…so that’s a meme whose day, hopefully, will soon have come and gone. We should be way past that if we’re as sexually liberated as we think we are.

            Only conservatives should have icy bedrooms with boring traditional sex roles… Ho hum.

          • I wasn’t saying anything bad about women, honest! I was talking from a societal view, not an actual person by person basis. While men are seen as less by being the passive partner, women in this instance have it much worse. While the idea is waning the whole madonna/whore dichotomy thinking is still fairly prevalent. If women want sex, enjoy sex and request being satisfied by their partners they can be seen as whores. But if they aren’t engaged in the act they are seen as icy or frozen. Sexually, women cant win.

            This was slowly changing, but with the uptick of fundie religious ideas being pollinated throughout the non-fundie world, things have begun to stagnate. The anti-birth control folks are getting louder, the purity pledges, modesty claptrap are beginning to gain footholds in secular world, and that scares me.

          • ZhyKitty

            My dear, we have suffered a miscommunication!
            Alas, we have no facial expressions nor tone of voice here

            I never thought YOU were speaking ill of women at all – we were of one mind as to what you were saying before.
            I’m with you!
            I hate the whole Madonna/Whore thing – I’ve always lustily enjoyed sex and my sister and our natural mother and her twin and our daughters – we’re all the same…very forward, aggressive females with large appetites for pleasure. Our daughters, thankfully, were raised to celebrate that in themselves….to hell with society!

            I makes me sad that all of my sons are expected and allowed by society to chase their appetites, except for my one gayling….and with him, only because he’s a total bottom is he scorned (not that he lets it bother him, he’s as lusty as the others and again, was raised to celebrate that in himself). If my gayling were masculine, built like his younger brother (a viking of a boy like my Big Daddy) and a top, no one would fuck with him the way they do….
            Or look down on him as less than…as women are seen…
            Which we both agree is old fashioned and ridiculous.

            While I agree with you that the purity folks, the backward thinkers, are getting ever louder,
            I still think the Millennials, a huge generation with a very different vibration to any before it, are going to shift those perceptions and the ones we’ve had to live with will, hopefully die with our generation.
            Fingers crossed. <3

          • Whew! I think the world of you and your well thought out comments, and the fall off the sofa funny ones!

            My hope for a better future is also tied to the Millennials and the group right behind them.

            I’m glad you raised such a wonderful family, who are honest about their sexual desires.

            I’ve had to fight hubby the entire way. Poor hubby was so sexually repressed and embarrassed that he didn’t want anyone to know I was pregnant because then, “everyone will know what we’ve been doing”……sigh. But I kept working on him and he’s much less uptight now.

          • JCF

            “Just because your body (or your preference) is built to receive the cock”

            Or orientation (which is to say, Not). I don’t think there’s anything anti-gay (male) for me, dyke, to think that to have a cock in any part of me IS disgusting. For those of you who Luv De Cock, conversely, have at it! (And leave Da Pussy for me).

            The thing is, Rollins is talking to Trump’s fans—who are, in the majority, straight (?) white males. So he’s putting them in their places, by implying their “taking it” from The Donald. It’s well-constructed satire.

          • ZhyKitty

            I thought he did a really great job here, too. I’ve always been a fan, though.
            The man is a deep thinker and an excellent writer.

            Of course there’s nothing wrong with not liking cock (I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea, since I like everything, but I do know there are a lot of people who don’t care for – to put it mildly – certain genitalia)…we like what we like, after all…it’s just one of those things.
            : )

    • Pete N SFO

      my thought exactly… isn’t time to move past that one already?

    • TomF.

      Probably because the most humiliating thing they can imagine is getting fucked up the ass by another man.

    • medaka

      Well, if nothing else, it does make RWNJ homophobes feel guilty about how much it makes their insides tingle.

    • Gerry Fisher

      I’ll still go there habitually once in a while. But I’ll add “without lube!” ‘cuz, with lube, it’s OK, you see. [ahem]

    • Jeffrey

      Then you missed the point entirely, if that’s what you focused on.

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      I agree that whole cliché is beyond tired, and everybody knows the premise is not true. If that was the worst thing that could happen to you -as implied-, then why do so many people want it, pay for it even, and why are there so many millions of sex toys sold for that? And I’m pretty sure that Henry, straight as he may be, knows that.

      Still, I think Henry is using the cliche as part of his snarky explanation of Trump’s appeal to his base.

    • BudClark

      For the same reason they say “asshole” and “fuck you.” It’s the thing they most fear / desire.

    • Kara Connor

      Same reason they always complain that “the gays” are “shoving it down their throat”. They’re fantasizing and projecting.

  • I’m glad to hear that’s satirical. I was just about to be put off Daddy/son play for life.

    • OrliJoe in Fla


  • Gerry Fisher

    The man can write. 🙂

    • DonnaLee

      Most of his writing comes from a very dark place, I think he’s actually gotten happier as time goes on.

  • Turi

    Fascinating how many here are not familiar with Rollins

  • clay

    “some of it will no doubt trickle down [on] you.”

  • TomF.

    This deep sarcasm is completely wasted because Mr. Trump has no intention of serving as president of this country.

  • Greg B.

    I want this on a t-shirt.

  • non

    “When asked to serve in Vietnam, he said no…”

    If everyone said “no” when asked to go war, there would be no war. Of course, we know Trump is no pacifist. He is a warmonger just like the rest of the Republicans and Democrats. Since his avoidance the draft wasn’t some principled stand against violence–it was just a selfish act of self preservation–I see nothing admirable in Trump, but neither do I see anything to criticize.

    • MichaelJ

      I disagree. It is pretty despicable when someone who has avoided being in harm’s way is a warmonger — one ready and eager to put the lives of other people in great risk for their own purposes, whether those purposes are political gain (e.g. Republicans appealing to their political base) or monetary reward (e.g., Cheney rewarding his cronies at Halliburton).

      • Strepsi

        Exactly! Despicable is right. It was like the Michael Moore moment where he asked Congressmen if they would serve, or send their kids to serve. 100% no.

        There was a time when a leader would have to bodily go into battle, and lead his troops. But it’s been like this, with the elites, for 50 years: see the Vietnam-era song “Fortunate Son” by Credence Clearwater:


      • non

        I stand corrected.

      • Has any of our current crop served time in the military? In a combat situation?

        • JCF

          I know both Lindsay Graham and Rick Perry served in the Air Force (but I doubt “combat” as such).

          • thanks!

          • Nelson Kerr

            Graham served in combat zones, but lawyers don’t see much combat..

    • John30013

      I see plenty to criticize, especially since the GOP attacked Bill Clinton over his deferment, but let their own (Bush [Dubya], Cheney, Rumsfeld, and now Trump) completely off the hook.

  • Octavio

    Henry Rollins, the Werner Erhard of alternative press weeklies. We all have to make a living of some kind, I suppose. :-/

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Drops mic!

    I love Henry Rollins <3

  • i sorta worship this man. he is the coolest celebrity i can think of, and yall know i hate celebrities.

    • Strepsi

      Henry Rollins, Sir Ian McKellen, Cher, John Waters, Chris Rock, George Takei, and Cyndi Lauper can all come to my dinner party!

      • agree. also denzel and his wife, and the women who made the “Frida” movie, Julie and Salma.

      • motordog

        If I get an invite (‘plus one’), I’ll bring Jon Stewart.

      • JB

        Please invite Patti Smith as well

  • Jeffrey

    Trump: Not the president America needs, but the president it deserves

    • BlueberriesForMe

      Some parts of it anyway. All the Teabagger-sters/Christianists who want to be “ruled” by Trump/Quitter go over to this side.
      The rest of us will go to the other side. Okay, let’s push
      that button. Goodbye, Teabagger-sters/Christianists. Have fun in Russia with your pal Putin – you know him – the one that Quitter used to be able to see from her house.

      • Jeffrey

        Not just them, but those of us who let reality TV take over and kill the real news. The ones who let that brothel of Kardashians and their pimp become superstars.

    • kaydenpat

      No, not all of us deserve Trump.

      • gaymex

        Even Trump doesn’t deserve Trump.
        On second thought…

  • Galvestonian


  • bambinoitaliano

    Alternatively I would like Chris Kluwe to write his takes on this bunch of clowns.

    • ZhyKitty

      Oh yes, please!

      • Schlukitz

        You dirty lady, you.

        Please come sit next to me. 🙂

        • ZhyKitty

          *Flicks open her gossiping fan and, with a swish of crinoline, rushes to sit beside you,* LOL

          • Schlukitz

            Big hugs. 🙂

  • TheManicMechanic

    Henry Rollins just keeps getting better with age, in so many ways.

  • JaniceInToronto

    The rant should have ended: “So there!”

    Great writing.

  • billbear1961

    That vulgar, brainless fat-mouth is NOT my daddy–not now, not ever!

    He “puts it” anywhere it isn’t wanted, he loses it!

    The only place he’s putting it is up his own ass and into the GOP.

    Destroy them AND yourself, Trump!

    • Schlukitz

      I share the same feelings about Trump as most of us here on this site do.

      I do believe, however, that Henry Rollins’ remark was pure snark.

      I didn’t get that he likes Trump any more than we do.

      • billbear1961

        No, I understand that, Schlukitz.

        But it still gave me a chance to sound off about Trump, and to attack anyone out there–and there are apparently many–who actually does think he’s great.

        • gaymex

          I count a couple of them among my now ex-friends.

  • Sean Taylor

    I’m actually a little scared of Henry. Not that I don’t want to jump his bones.

  • John Calendo
  • Schlukitz

    “And when he puts it in, you’ll know who your daddy is.”

    I love it. Great snark.

  • James

    I like Henry Rollins, I do. And most of his article is incisive and witty. And I know he’s not a homophobe. But when are people going to stop using anal sex as a metaphor for “the worst thing that could ever happen to you”?

  • JCF
  • Jenni

    That is solid gold. Pure poetry!

  • fuzzybits

    It’s still funny. A friend’s son who was about four at the time this came out would run around screaming ,”you’re a liar.” https://youtu.be/awY1MRlMKMc