Ben Shapiro Has The Confederate Sadz

He followed this up by retweeting a rainbow flag with a swastika.

  • JoeMyGod
    • Silver Badger

      Poe’s law?

    • …my right to impose my barbaric morality on everyone else under the guise of “christian charity”.

    • AW

      what rights are being violated? Are your rights only violated when other peoples rights are not being violated? Makes no sense this guy.

      • Belthazar

        You nailed it. I don’t get it either.

      • StSean

        to many christians, “rights” is a zero-sum game.

        • clay

          which means they don’t actually understand what they are.

          • StSean

            well, we’ve known that all along.

      • Chucktech

        Oh, FUCK rights! Their plaintive bleating has nothing to do with rights, this is ALL about hating homosexuals. THAT is the LONG and SHORT of it.

        • Todd20036

          Yup, just as the clerks who don’t want to issue marriage licenses to gay couples have no problems with divorced, adulterous couples. Hell, they’d marry convicted rapists and murders.

          Just not gay people.

    • tcinsf

      This Nolte guy is a piece of work.

      • David F.

        Not work – something else.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        Yes, a flawed and ugly piece of work with no redeeming value.

    • Bonobo

      The vague insulting ideas must be just rattling around your empty head. I agree with your disgust with the confederate flag… but a swastika? You are just a white, bigot who sees what he thinks are his entitlements going down the drain. Reality is a bitch, ain’t it?

    • KarenAtFOH

      A shocking, revolting image. And a little frightening. I fear some are going to be hurt before this all calms down and goes away.

    • Octavio

      So, not knowing anything about John Nolte I had to do some surfing. Interestingly, the top 20 google searches all directed me to negative reviews of this guy’s lack of decency and character. That’s quite an accomplishment. He writes/wrote for Breitbart? That’s a rather large indictment against his possibility of being a human being, right there. LOL! Too bad we can’t get all of these ass wipes in one big room with a handle on it that says “Flush.”

      • Joseph Miceli

        Where’s a good FEMA camp when you need one? I was SO looking forward to being on a Death Panel.

        • i had my best boots (the better to Oppress) and leather polished and ready to go, darnit! i look fabulous in Reaper colors.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Can you imagine. You, me, a few of our other friends from this blog (Ken, Vorpal, Octavio to name a few!) all sitting on a death panel:
            “First case!”
            Maggie Gallagher stomps in.
            “Oh no! Honey…You wore THAT to a death panel? I vote termination!”

    • Joseph Miceli

      The Nazi’s tortured us and burned us in ovens. This offensive little shit has the gall to post that? That is EXACTLY like superimposing the swastika on top of the Israeli flag. Fuck that little douche weasel. Beneath contempt!

      • DN

        Off topic, I know, but seeing your name prompted me to go back and look at the exchange you were having with JDM.


        Just wow.

        What an abrasive jerk. And what was with the repeated, clumsy racism? Could you imagine living near him in real life?

        • Joseph Miceli

          Well, you know me. I love to troll trolls. Like I said to him he came to a battle of wits unarmed. His arguments are terrible, And he never contributes anything positive. This is a good bunch on this site. He isn’t much of a match for any of us.

    • kaydenpat

      LGBT = Nazis.
      Very disturbing and untrue. Thankfully, no one believes this claim except crazy Rightwingers.

  • kevin000

    So then he’s about to condemn all of those ten commandment monuments popping up at state capitals?

    • clay

      You’re trying to oppress Charlton Heston’s freedom of speech, aren’t you?

      • Bluto

        Get your paws off me, you damn dirty ape!

        • agcons

          So fuckable. Well, physically, at least.

  • romanhans

    That’s why Mr. Shapiro has spoken out so eloquently against the Ten Commandments monument at that Kentucky courthouse.

    Oh, wait — he didn’t. Hypocrite says what?

    • Mawm

      And when did they suddenly support taking down the loser traitor slaver flag?
      They are so stupid, they think this is some kind of prisoner exchange. We’ll take down the slave flag, if you take down your gay flag. Umm no. We won and you lost. Losers don’t get to make demands.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Google oppression:

    noun: oppression; plural noun: oppressions
    prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.”a region shattered by oppression and killing”
    synonyms:persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill-treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression, suppression, subjection, subjugation; More
    cruelty, brutality, injustice, hardship, suffering, misery
    “the young people in this country have known nothing but oppression”
    antonyms:freedom, democracy
    the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control.
    synonyms:persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill-treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression, suppression, subjection, subjugation; More
    cruelty, brutality, injustice, hardship, suffering, misery
    “the young people in this country have known nothing but oppression”
    antonyms:freedom, democracy
    mental pressure or distress.”her mood had initially been alarm and a sense of oppression”
    Middle English: from Old French, from Latin oppressio(n-), from the verb opprimere (see oppress).

    • KarenAtFOH

      Pretty much describes his most heartfelt dreams for us.

  • MikeBx2

    Still pretending to not know the difference between equal rights and suppressing rights. How tiresome.

  • Paula

    How in the fuck am I violating his rights!? I am sitting here, in my recliner, in my pajamas, surfing and eating leftover pizza for breakfast. I am hardly ready to oppress x-stains for the day.

    • Belthazar


    • Christopher

      Well, finish your pizza first!

    • Dave B

      You exist. That’s all it takes.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I just tweeted him back to go back to basic and learn the meaning of the word oppression.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I am having a bowl of cherries for lunch. Crunchy and juicy. Maybe the christinists can feel their bone being crunched and their blood being drained?

      • Mawm

        Cherries Jubilee!

    • David in Palm Springs

      Did you force Christians to make you that pizza? You do know that making pizza is a religious sacrament, right?

      • Paula

        OHHH, I did not know that! WOW, I am really ahead of my game in oppressing x-stains.

        • bambinoitaliano

          You have to identify yourself when ordering pizza! I went to the supermarket and ask the cashier permission to put cherries in my gay mouth before I’m allow to purchase.

          • People4Humanity

            bambino ~
            You may have to eat a few slices of Paula’s pizza to counteract the (ahem) nutritious side-effects (cough) that fresh cherries are known to bestow upon one.
            Fair warning. Think Cheeses!

          • bambinoitaliano

            I got one hand with cherries on my pizza and the other one is giving a high five?

          • Dagoril

            I’ve got one hand on my cherries, and the other one is playing the piano!

          • Liar… that’s a skin flute!

          • Dagoril

            Hey, I can multi-task. I’ve got skillz!

          • So I’ve heard… and I’m still waiting for the video.

          • bambinoitaliano

            What it all comes down to, Is every one of them gonna get pick pick pick……:P

          • Dagoril

            Thank you cherries. Thank you pizza pie. Thank you disillusionment!

          • bambinoitaliano

            How about getting off these anti gay antics, how about stopping being so full of yourself, how about leaving jesus dangling on the cross, how about that ever elusive compassion….

          • Paula

            I had pizza because I am being lazy. I will have cherries at lunch.

          • Mawm

            Life is just a bowl of cherries
            Don’t take it serious
            Life is too mysterious

          • Joseph Miceli

            Paula, don’t be silly. I ALWAYS make time to oppress Christians. Look, I’m doing it now? Can you tell?:)

          • brian

            Yum, I had Julia Child’s “Cherry Chafouti” for breakfast this morning.

        • GeoffreyPS

          The crust represents the body. The sauce represents the blood. The cheese represents the excess makeup and big hair.

          • Octavio

            I always thought the cheese represented the burger. But I like your example better.

          • bkmn

            Praise cheeses!

          • TampaZeke


      • Chucktech

        In Jesusville, Teabagistan it certainly is…

    • clay

      How very dare you abscond with the symbols of straight dude-dom– cold pizza and stale beer for breakfast!

    • Mawm

      It’s always about them. The rainbow flag was designed to oppress right-wingers. Gilbert Baker didn’t create the flag to encourage our liberation using beauty. No, it was designed to fly over the FEMA re-education camps where we will house the last hold-outs of Fundijelica.

    • John T

      Rights are a zero-sum game. The fact that you exist and have rights means that Ben Shapiro has fewer rights, therefore, your existence is oppressive to him and all other good righteous people.

    • kcken

      Sitting, and not on your knees worshiping the almighty… also not producing babies ? or service your “man” ?

      Fu’ked if I know

      Also, I’m jealous you are still in your jammies.

      • Paula

        Being semi-retired is very nice.

        • kcken

          Pretty the mormons next door said that I’m semi-retarded too…

          Oh wait….. Damn it.

    • Sporkfighter

      “How in the fuck am I violating his rights!? I am …

      There it is … “I am” is enough for them.

  • Steverino

    When these people lose their shit, they don’t mess around.

    • Six Pins Delores

      Really! He’s been stewing in sadz for two weeks now.

      • AW

        I like stew! But I don’t think I’d like the taste of this stew, seems like it will be too fatty and tough at the same time.

  • AW

    WTF?! I don’t understand how taking down a flag (a wrong flag by the way it was the Confederate battle flag that was flying) that pretty much actually stands for oppression is bothering people so much?!!!!! And I don’t get how a flag that pretty much stands for inclusion and love is somehow “oppressive”. So sick of these people.

    • Gustav2

      They are trying to get on the oppression bandwagon and this is all they’ve got.

      • clay

        I really do not understand– How do they think this is going to work? They are calling for protection from potential oppression, but claiming to be oppressed AT THE SAME TIME! It’s like Trump saying he got Obama to release his records, but that Obama hasn’t released his records, at the same time! Oops, let me try that again: It;s like running for office on the grounds that the government shouldn’t exist. Ooh, this is harder than I expected.

        • Gustav2

          It all ties into the whole “we are the new MLK Jr’s” stuff they have used for decades in their anti-choice efforts. They can’t wait until one of their followers (not them of course) is in the Birmingham jail.

  • Maurine

    What. A. Drama. Queen.

  • BlueberriesForMe

    We should never let little twerps who are still not toilet-trained access to the Intertubes.

  • TolliverM

    I agree with him. Good thing rainbow flags aren’t designed to oppress others.

  • Oh, Ben. Show us on the dolly where the butthurt touched you.

  • Bruno
  • lymis

    One -of many – differences between the Confederate Flag and the Pride Flag is that in the hands of those who gather beneath it, the Pride Flag is not intended as a sign of superiority or the power to oppress, and is about raising one’s self and one’s group to equality, no more and no less. The fact that it may be divisive or may cause someone else to question their own superiority or inconvenience them is secondary. In fact, it’s not about defining anyone else at all. To the degree it reflects a willingness to be adversarial, it’s a willingness not to let let someone else shame us.

    The Confederate Flag, no the other hand, is about being superior at the expense of someone else. Raising one’s self by putting others down, being adversarial for the express purpose of shaming or disenfranchising others. It’s not about standing up and saying, “We won’t let you define us by oppressing us” it’s about standing up and saying “We define ourselves by oppressing you.”

    • Belthazar

      Preach 😎

    • clay

      also: This is the Confederate battle flag; it is a symbol of treason and armed rebellion against the nation. It should never have been celebrated on state or federal property or with state of federal resources.

    • Chucktech

      This little fuck knows good and well these blindingly obvious differences you describe. What a disingenuous little asshole Shapiro is.

      • I figure he is disingenuous, but it’d be sadder if he actually meant this.

    • Excellently put. The rainbow flag says nothing against me or anyone, the Confederate Battle Flag is pretty much a symbol of division.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I could not resist…..

    • B Snow


  • JT

    Decoded Shapiro: Your freedom from religion oppresses us! How dare you!

  • Soren456

    Ben is shallow as a bird bath. And will evaporate just as quickly.

    • Mawm

      and is always surrounded by crap.


    Racists and bigots really hate to be called out on their bullshit.


    Shapiro is obviously a closet case.His homophobia is just too rabid.

    • bambinoitaliano

      He is constantly fabbing to such oppression. At the risk of being black mail by some Sean Cody escorts, he choose twitter as his gay porn of preference.

      • Antinousian

        He can’t afford Sean Cody escorts.

  • bambinoitaliano

    We will take down the rainbow flag the day some gay extremists enter the aryan nation church and slaughter a bunch of racists and bigots. Hmmmmm that sounds too crazy to happen. So no. Not gonna happen!

    • technically, the right is filled with gay extremists. they are just the closeted gay sorts, who happen to have extreme ideological beliefs of the right wing sort. to compensate. so don’t be surprised when what you suggest comes true, in a pedant’s sort of way.

  • Necessitas

    That’s why you won’t see this on government property:

    And there would be no Confederate or Pride flags if not for Christinsanity, the below flag is the birth-mother of both.

  • Bill

    These idiots are reaching new realms of ridiculousness.

    I would highly caution them against using this tactic of casting themselves as oppressed.

    People WILL see right through that. People DO see right through that.

    As far as moving forward in a thoughtful and intelligent manner, this one falls a bit short of the mark, Mr. Shapiro.

    In short, you are a fucking fool who thinks most Americans are as stupid as you are. You’ve miscalculated this one, pumpkinhead.

    Enjoy your day.

  • LovesIrony

    is wittle benny throwing a temper tantrum?

  • unclemike

    Yes, because symbols that stand for equality are exactly the same as symbols that stand for “I want to violently break up the United States.”

    What an asshole.

    • Mawm

      Don’t forget, “I want to enslave other human beings.”

  • Michael Rush

    poor little baby , tellums where it did got ohpwessed – ???

  • the poor snivelling little coward. Shapiro is a joke, and the Jewish communities utterly loathe him.

    Dear Ben, all your buddies and allies? they think you’re going to hell because you’re not a Christian. just saying.

  • hdtex

    Mr. Shapiro is NEVER going to find a husband at this rate…

    • Paula

      LIke this toad has any prospects, anyway.

      • Ed Burrow

        i actually find him kinda cute. kinda. i mean…in a pinch kinda cute. ok, just barely. well…oh screw it, nevermind.

        • Tor

          You really don’t want to go down that rabbit hole…. or should I say rat hole?

        • Paula

          A pretty face doesn’t mean a pretty mind.

          • Ed Burrow

            I didn’t mean I wanted to date the little Fuck, or take him out to dinner. All he’d have to do is lay there and I’ll do all the….. Well, Yall can figure it out.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Because the fondling father of christian said so claimed Shapiro.

  • Gyeo

    BEN: OMG Gay people and their rainbow are oppressing me!
    BEN: *completely silent about racism*

    Bitch we see you.

  • penpal

    Boo hoo! Oh, Mr Muslim Marxist Communist Negro President, please include us. We hate you, we hate gays, we hate immigrants, we hate blacks, we hate Muslims, and we hate democracy, but why won’t you think about us when you’re discussing inclusion for all?? Waaaahhh! Our hateful, separatist, un-American views COUNT!!

  • StSean


  • David F.

    You mean like carved replicas of the BuyBull showing the 10 Commandments or some psalm?

  • j.martindale
  • oikos


  • Freeman

    If we have to choose between being characterized as powerless victims or powerful bullies, I’ll take the latter. America does not like whining losers.

  • Ireyon

    A rainbow flag with a swastika?

    Isn’t that kind of like a black KKK member?

  • Ninja0980

    The Confederate flag has stood for one thing and one thing only since it was created.
    Hate, pure and utter hate of those who didn’t have the right skin color.

  • DaveMiller135

    Ben’s never been really pleasant, but this is more “the gloves are off now that we’ve lost.” Still, excessive anger on losing is the anger of losers.

  • CanuckDon

    Shapiro…Perkins…Fischer…et al
    The whining howls of the children put in the corner.

  • Octavio

    I wonder how Ben feels about not being able to qualify for a membership at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia? He’s only allowed entrance as a “guest” on those spiritually hallowed greens. Southern white superiority still reigns supreme in nooks and crannies of this nation. Maybe we can get him to be an ambassador of hate to these little enclaves?

    • Gustav2

      One of my college friends family took me to their country club in the South in 1973. After about 20 minutes I was embarrassed to be with them…and they were considered liberals.

      • Tor

        Was it rilly, rilly top drawer?

        • Octavio

          It’s Georgia, so they don’t sound like that. They just sound stupid.

          • B Snow

            Funny thing I’ve learned about Southern accents since I moved to GA: they don’t necessarily mean someone is stupid.

          • Octavio

            They still sound stupid.

          • B Snow


        • Gustav2

          Yes, but with that extra special southern manner and accent.

  • Giant Monster Gamera

    Shapiro and Nolte have been going at it for two weeks now.

    • clay

      They’re still not figuring out that ENDA protects hets exactly as much as homos. The first people to sue under a local ENDA in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale?) were two straight female bar-tenders.

  • ryan charisma

    I wonder if it’s painful to be a complete douche?

    • clay

      I wonder if he’s that self-aware?

  • Let the far right web sites spread their hate. Who cares? They are on the wrong side of history and they know it. It is becoming obvious to the large majority of United States Citizens, including the declining minority who still oppose marriage equality, that nothing is being imposed upon them. No religious group is being forced to recognize same-sex marriage, no church or synagogue is being forced to hold any wedding, people are not being forced to teach their children that such marriages are appropriate, all this is bogus. School curriculums can avoid the subject if they want to avoid the subject of marriage all together. Shapiro is particularly disgusting with his use of the swastika — as a Jew (he claims he was raised Orthodox) he should know better than cheapen the murder of 1/3 of the Jews in the world under this hateful symbol. I personally lost about 1/2 of my great aunts and uncles, and a great grandmother who had the misfortune of returning to Poland from New York in 1939 to take care of a sick child never to be heard from again, and Shapiro should be ashamed of himself for cheapening what they went through.

  • Queequeg

    True enough, Ben, the difference is that the rainbow flag has never been used to oppress others.

  • sonoitabear

    Leave it to poor closeted li’l Benji to confuse a symbol of inclusion for one of divisiveness…

  • Oh’behr

    I just feel like putting something up to spite Shapiro.

    I doubt he’ll even get a Wallace and Gromit reference.
    Or even that Wallace is into Cheese. Cheesus H. Christ.

  • Puckfair52

    To be oppressed is a lifestyle choice! You weren’t born prejudiced you chose that path and the willing way of Religious tyranny.If it were any other way all Christians & all Jews would feel oppressed. So you see Ben it’s a feeling like you haven’t gone in a couple of days & you believe it’s everyone else fault that your cranky rather than just full of 3 day old shit !

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    So when slaves finally got their freedom, that was denying the slave owners their freedom to OWN another person ?? They were persecuted and oppressed ?

    How do these people not run through RED lights because the Govt MANdated that they stop on that Red light ?

    Fuckin Nut Bags

    • Talisman

      The religious freedom argument is not a new thing – it was invoked even then…

  • Elaygee

    They get red and green on Xmas.
    If the rainbow colors violate their rights, the Xmas colors violate our rights.

  • Giant Monster Gamera

    If I were Shapiro’s children or grandchildren and did a search on their Twitters, I’d be inclined to change my name in shame.

  • geoffalnutt

    What a stupid, nasty, little crunt of a man. No! Not a man. A creature.
    Rainbow Flag = Inclusion, Confederate Flag = Exclusion. Got it, Bennikins? Didn’t think so. I’m thrilled you’re unhappy.

  • Tom G

    I love that they keep further alienating themselves from regular folks.

    • zhera

      Are they, though? Trump with his anti-Mexican spew is leading the GOP polls…

      • Well, Trump is saying what a ton of GOP’ers feel, that the latinos are taking over “their” country, and they hate it. Trump may very well win the nomination on the plank of discrimination and hate.

  • Hypocrite: noun; see “Christian”

    Mommie Dammit’s Dictionary of Modern English

    • Mommie when you finally get around to finishing that Dictionary, I’d sure like a copy.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    How many people were oppressed, beaten and killed by the bearers of…

    How many people were oppressed, beaten and killed by the bearers of…

    How many people were oppressed, beaten and killed by the bearers of…

    ??? Thought so.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Ding, Ding, Ding…..We have a WINNER!

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        Merci! Mais ce n’était pas difficile. ☺

  • billbear1961

    They’ve all received their marching orders today, haven’t they?

    “Pretend the rainbow is a symbol of oppression, and that being called out for mindless, hateful bigotry is an act of repression.”

    Tell us precisely HOW you’re being oppressed, you filthy little SHIT.

    I want details.

    What RIGHT are you being denied, the “right” you THINK religion gives you to deny others the civil rights YOU take for granted??

    No one has that right in a FREE society.

    But if they DID, then perhaps one day you might find yourself on the receiving end of the kind of ABUSE you’ve been all too willing and eager to dish out to others!

    It will never happen.

    But, my GOD, you fascist BASTARD, you’ve got it coming!!

  • Blake Jordan

    Divisive yes, by their choice, but certainly not oppressive.

    Do they really believe they will get any traction with this “meme”?

  • UnkleSpunky

    I just can’t seem to give two shits about what a whiny little 6 year old girl has to say … sorry

  • pickypecker

    It’s over, cupcake. Move on.

  • bkmn

    Who deflated Has-Ben’s butt plug this time?

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Oh, poor, poor, Ben. Someone is oppressing him by not allowing the bigot to discriminate with no criticism? My heart breaks. If he were really being oppressed, someone would shut this asshole up and ban him from all social media and from being allowed to make any public statements.

    As he is still free to open his vile mouth and spew his hatred, worship how and where he wants, and even run for public office, it’s pretty hard to see how he is being oppressed. I’m looking forward to the day these bigoted idiots stop trying to one up each other in crazy in their continued effort to steal money from stupid people.

  • sfbob

    To Shapiro I say “Feh! Shandeh! Paskudniak!” Not everyone here will understand those words but Shapiro should. Also too: “Schmuck. Putz. Momzer.”

  • Roy Biv

    I didn’t know groups of gays were going around ganging up on straight guys and girls.

  • Gerry Fisher

    He wouldn’t know oppression if it locked him in chains and whipped him.

    • Hmm, do you think he might like that? The best way to oppress him is to ignore/shun him. He lives and breathes and gets his jollies by making headlines, by being invited to “news” talk shows.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    And I’ll restate the obvious for this fucktard: you can’t oppress if you are the minority. Grow up and purchase a brain cell or two.

  • Nexus1

    Keep trying to conflate the flag of slavery, war and racism with the flag of love and pride conservatives. You’re only turning more non racists and people of color to the side of Equality. Even remotely reasonable homophobic people don’t want to be on the side of the American swastika. If the choice is between the confederate flag or the rainbow flag I think the majority will choose the rainbow.

  • MDB
  • Cuberly

    Again, asking for the trillionth time. Why do christianists warrant super-citizen consideration when it comes to granting rights to minorities?!?!?!?!

    If they persist on going this direction it’s gonna bite them in the ass big time. Not that it hasn’t already.

  • Jamie Brewer

    This “Christian Prosecution Complex” is getting out of hand. I just received an E-mail from “” in response to an E-mail I sent off in regards to the President and his fight for our side in the 6/26 decision. I realize this is probably a standard form letter; the president has much more important things to do than read incoming E-mail. However, it inspires hope for the future. It makes a much better impression over the inane rantings of the teabaggers…

  • lymis

    I think it’s also worth making a distinction between a permanent installation of a symbol that’s known to be divisive and seen as offensive that’s unrelated to any current events, and a temporary display seen as a celebration or recognition of something unique.

    We’re not comparing flying the Confederate Battle Flag for a single day on the anniversary of some major Civil War event to lighting up the White House or flying a Pride Flag for a single day because of a landmark Supreme Court decision.

    We’re comparing a permanent installation of a flag with serious historical connections to treason, death, bigotry, terror, and institutional discrimination to a single day of lighting up the White House.

    Even if there’s room in things for remembering the Confederacy or celebrating something or other about it, this is a false equivalence for that reason alone.

  • Regan DuCasse

    I can hardly wait until Shapiro extends this anti gay bitch fest into an article on how oppressive gay people have been to others, and the Rainbow flag proves it.
    And now that public places like the WH, the Empire State Bldg, Niagra Falls and other places have expressed their support of Pride month and marriage equality…it’s just SO oppressive that Shapiro is inclined to take the place of a famous Jew on the cross.
    Yes, because gays made over half a million people die in a civil war, because other people were enslaved by gays, and since the war, gays implemented the system of Jim Crow, and THAT is why the Rainbow reminds people like Shapiro how oppressed they are by it.

    What kind of eff’d up brain damage is HIS shiz?

  • TampaZeke

    Put this pathetic punk on the witness stand, in a court of law, UNDER OATH and let Ted Olson cross examine him about specific instances of alleged oppression under the rainbow flag.

    I would PAY to watch that train wreck!

  • David Ehrenstein

    Ben Shapiro is SUCH a closet queen. Just like his mentor, Breitbart

  • kaydenpat

    How is the rainbow flag designed to oppress others? Silliness.

    • It represses their ability to hate those who are different. We are slowly taking away their legal right to oppress us and others.

  • DirtyPierre

    Ben Shapiro suffers from a recto-cranial inversion.

  • JCF


  • Mike in NC

    Oh what a giveaway!

  • KQCA

    Lighting the White House in rainbow lights is not a choice I would have made, but I applaud and I am proud of Pres. Obama for making this statement for us, for the greater public, for the good of the nation, and as a gesture to those who have opposed his very existence in addition to his presidency.
    Let’s see… that would be the “conservatives,” the “right wings” who believe they got that title by being “right” as in “correct.” And what have they done that would ever deserve such a gesture of “TAKE THAT” and “F_CK YOU?”
    Let’s give a rundown of a few highlights. They:
    * prayed for the destruction of the president
    * mocked and insulted his wife’s and children’s physical features
    * prayed for the nation to divide and fail
    * prayed for a civil war to break out during his presidency
    * called him the antichrist, a demon-worshiper, the devil, and the end-times Beast
    * insulted him for attempting to aid the homeless, aged, and ill among us
    * mocked and insulted his lineage, especially demeaning his parents
    * called him every single derogatory slang term every known
    * prayed for his assassination and encouraged it to come to be

    I would say President Obama’s gesture was the PERFECT repartee.