Jennifer Hudson Celebrates Gay Marriage With New Single: I Still Love You

In collaboration with MTV and Logo:

The “I Still Love You” music video premiere will help support Logo’s #All50 campaign, a platform for LGBT people and allies to stay up to date on the latest news and share personal stories in support of marriage equality leading up to the Supreme Court of the United States’ pending decision on legal marriage for gay and lesbian couples in all 50 states. Throughout the month of June, Logo will showcase marriage equality messages on-air, debut interviews with celebrities and LGBT advocates on the #All50 site and invite viewers to share personal stories about their support for marriage equality using #All50.

It’s also a bit of an ad for W Hotels.

  • Blobby

    what is this “MTV” of which you speak?

  • erip

    BEAUTIFUL.. Loving jennifer hudson

  • Jeffrey

    I liked the song, but its definitely a short and slick infomercial for W.

    • RemusL

      Don’t really care that it’s an ad for whatever. The song is great, the singer is great, the characters in the video are great.

      • Jeffrey

        Then you are the perfect consumer. Congratulations.

        • RemusL

          Well, I still know very little about W hotels and a music video isn’t going to sway me to choose one of its hotels over something similar but significantly cheaper. But if they’re part of a selection of hotels that offer similar amenities and are all around the same cost, I guess I might remember that W is supportive of marriage equality.

  • GunnaHurt

    ALL music videos are just commercials for things now. That horrible “new song” by Britney Spears and that… Iggy Opossum or whatever her name is… that was just a commercial for the new Galaxy phone.

  • Gaiboi66

    I love this video. The couple represents many faces of our community. Oh and Jennifer Hudson looks…amazing!

  • ArchiLaw

    Lump in throat. My dad died before my husband and I got married, but my dad knew my husband and loved him.

  • Gerry Fisher

    #All50 #ForAntiDiscriminationLaws2

  • Powerful piece. Bravo!

    • The song? Nuh-uh. I think you’re allowing the imagery to take over your ears.

      • Of course, darling. I’m tone deaf anyway.

  • brian

    Damn those onions, and this early in the morning.

    • RemusL

      I think my allergies are acting up again. *sniff*

  • Ginger Snap

    I’m kinda liking it.

  • BeaverTales

    As the product of an interracial marriage myself, and a man who has dated and loved men of every race, I think there is an additional message here about respecting all of the forms that Love takes in the real world.

    Good beat, good lyrics and great vocals. I like it!

  • It may be an obvious attempt to position Jen for the gay anthem of what might end up being the greatest Pride summer since forever (fingers crossed) and I have no problem with that.

    But do one thing. Listen to it without looking at the video and decide if it’s all that. It’s pretty nice but it’s just a dance anthem. Built to withstand a thousand remixes. In the end, it’ll have something for everyone. The base track is pretty bland.

    • RemusL

      I don’t necessarily disagree with you but the beat is pretty catchy and JHud’s vocals are great as usual. A better Pride dance anthem would be Steve Grand’s “We Are The Night”.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Attention pride organizers across the world. It’s not too late to adopt this song for the floats. Especially US when SCOTUS announce it’s decision.

  • Here are the lyrics. There is nothing remotely gay about them. It is just a generic dance track. It makes no specific statement at all. Why does it deserve to be the Pride anthem of 2015?

  • Lakeview Bob

    WTF. Why in the hell am I crying. I am such a baby.

  • Meowdonna

    I’m hearing a little bit of Donna Summer’s ‘She Works Hard For The Money’ in the verses

    • Lawerence Collins

      As a huge fan of Donna Summer’s. I don’t hear it

    • Lawerence Collins

      I listen daily. I miss her just the same. If we’re picking songs. Happily Ever After.

  • SpiderPIG

    I don’t know if someone already mentioned, but it’s a cover of “Switch Ft. Andrea Martin – I Still Love You”

    It was a minor hit in the clubs and there are plenty of good dance mixes of it.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Like the song, hate the auto-start.

    • motordog

      Yeah, what’s with the auto-start? Please don’t tell me that’s a ‘thing’ now. I hate being compelled to listen to or watch something. It can actually make me not like something I might have liked otherwise. I’m a big boy, I can make up my own mind, thank you very much.

      • TheManicMechanic

        Some embeddable media don’t have an option or controls for no autostart, it doesn’t appear this one has any thing set in the source code used to embed the video. It’s annoying, auto-start video or audio I put up there with pop-under ads and other spammy behavior. After I watched the video I blocked it so it would not constantly start playing again each time I refresh the main page.

        • John Calendo

          How do I block the damn thing?

          • motordog

            Best I could do was turn the volume down on the offending player. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to reset, so even though it still starts playing every time I come here, I don’t have to listen to it, and it doesn’t affect my computer’s volume.

          • John Calendo

            Yes. Thank you. I did that as well and was surprised to find the setting held after page refreshes.

          • TheManicMechanic

            I use Adblock for Firefox that adds a tab over media as a means to block it from the page. One click and it’s gone.

          • John Calendo

            I also have Adblock for Chrome. I keep Firefox too when Chome chokes on video. I’ll investigate. Thanks.

  • fastlanestranger

    Auto-play blows.

  • ChadSF

    Despite it being a dance track, I found this video be quite emotional. I expect remixes to follow. 🙂 Thank you J-Hud and W Hotels for this video especially during this Pride month.

  • Jim


  • billbear1961
  • PS: Do NOT start autoplaying videos. It’s is unbelievably irritating.

    • motordog


  • TexPlant

    wait…what was the name of the song?