TEXAS: Hate Group Has The 2015 Sadz

“Important stand-alone bills protecting state sovereignty over marriage (HB 4105 by Rep. Cecil Bell, Jr.) and protecting religious freedom of child welfare providers and adoption agencies (HOME Bill, HB 3864 by Rep. Scott Sanford) were never taken up for votes in the Texas House, despite overwhelming support among members. Had these bills been scheduled for votes by the leadership of the Texas House in a timely manner, we are certain they would have passed despite overwhelming opposition from Democrats and LGBT advocacy groups. Because the original bills were not given a floor vote, the final opportunities for success came in the form of amendments to other bills in the last days of the session. Unfortunately, with anti-religious freedom Democrats determined to kill entire bills just to stop important religious freedom and marriage language, tight deadlines and a lack of prioritization effectively killed the bills.” – Texas Values, lamenting that over 20 anti-LGBT bills failed to pass in the current session. On Monday the state legislature adjourned until 2017.