Scott Lively: The Evil Gay Borg Is Forcing Everybody To Assimilate Into Marxism

“Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Like Captain Picard, the Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, has attempted to reason with Borg and learned that there is no compromise with the Collective. ‘Resistance is futile’ said Borg drone Tim Cook, the formerly human representative of the now-Collectivist entity Apple Computers. The refrain was echoed by a chorus of other drones, including some from the newly Borg-acquired National Collegiate Athletic Association. No existing member of the American Marxist collective is allowed to dissent from the view that homosexuality and related perversions are deserving of legal protection and cultural celebration.

“Moreover, any dissent from outside the Collective attracts the entire body of Borg-like drones — like a swarm of hornets — in the single-minded quest to seek and either assimilate or destroy whatever person or entity has been foolish enough to challenge it. Many Americans are surprised that major companies like Apple, Ebay, PayPal, and Angie’s List are leading the charge against Indiana on behalf of the homosexual movement. They are shocked that government entities like the State of Connecticut have banned all state-funded travel there. Wake up, America! That’s just how the LGBT Borg operates and it‘s getting stronger with every conquest.” – Scott Lively, in a blog post republished today by Matt Barber.

  • Oh that’s just RICH.

    • Blake Jordan

      He is basically explaining the exact way religion continues to exist!

  • Blake Jordan

    He is so “current”, I am sure this will win all the kids over to his cause!

  • Pollos Hermanos

    I wonder how gay ally Patrick Stewart (or Paramount) feels about Barbwire using his image for an anti-gay rant by a person on trial for human rights violations.

    • Blake Jordan

      Is Mr Stewart on Twitter?
      He should be informed.

      • Rich Farias

        He is, yes. @SirPatStew

      • 2patricius2

        He’s on something…

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Oh, poodle, I love Patrick Stewart when he plays the gay opera director on Frazier. One of the best episodes of the that show ever.

      • Blake Jordan

        I loved him in the movie Jeffrey, with Steven Weber and Michael T Weiss!

    • Treg Brown

      something like this?

    • Dramphooey

      Probably the same as Gene Wilder does when his Willy Wonka is used to say some stupid thing.

  • Cousin Bleh


  • ETownCanuck

    Pack it up and go home Lively, you’ve lost.

  • TexPlant

    why doesn’t this fucker just move to russia or uganda already!!!

    • Blake Jordan

      Too cold and too black, respectively!

  • JJS_prime

    More like the evil lying bastards are trying to force everyone to assimilate into “christianity.”

  • Steverino

    This is what happens when a brain permanently damaged by prior heavy substance abuse exchanges one addiction for another: alcohol / drugs for religion.

    • Macbill

      Does that mean I’m going to turn into him?

  • Secure

    Hey Scott – don’t forget about Walmart and NASCAR.

    • Gil

      Really, a list as long as his arm.

  • Jim

    You are correct. You will no longer be called Lively, you new name is Sloppy Bottom of Forty.

  • Treg Brown

    I think what’s really shocking to Lively is he still believes only gay people care about gay people. He’s shocked when the millions of straight allies who believe in equal rights for all speaks and protests.

    I guess it’s hard for some people to understand empathy and compassion for other people when they’ve lost or never had any humanity.

    • clay

      I think he’s going to be shocked when we realizes most Trekies (Trekers?) are closet socialists and most Tea-Baggers don’t give a shit about science fiction, or the future.

      • Bj Lincoln

        It’s Trekers. We are all about respect for others and getting along. We appreciate the differences and strengths of each individual without discrimination.

    • Gest2016

      Scott Lively’s main skill is the dehumanization of humans. Now we’re “the borg” or “homonazi’s” or “big gay” or whatever … Unfortunately for Mr. Lively people like him often suffer the same fate as Khaddaffi … eventually humans claim their own humanity against the dehumanizers.

      • Lawerence Collins

        Why is that subhuman thug not in prison? Really!?

    • Cattleya1

      Can we send him for christianist reparation therapy?

  • Bob from CT


    • metrored

      Please tell me that’s a real book. I want to so badly.

    • goofy_joe

      I have tried, but cannot comment with anything even close to how awesome this is.

  • MBear

    funny – referencing Roddenberry’s major worldwide influences as support for bigotry & discrimination.


    • Gustav2

      The LEAST Christianist TV show/movie series ever.

      Prime Directive THIS Lively.

      • MBear

        I was thinking it was that reality show “Lion Food” on NatGeo, but sure…we’ll go with that. 🙂

        Oh, Cosmos.
        Yeah, I shoulda gone with Cosmos right off

      • cjs

        It’s interesting to look at the history of the series and at least on television, religion didn’t truly surface until Deep Space Nine, after Roddenberry’s death, with the Bajorans.

    • zhera

      Christianists do this all the time. Tolkien was a Catholic, so hyper-catholics like to imagine that everything he wrote was about how true and wonderful Catholisism is. They see what the want to see, just like they’ve been taught to do with the bible.

      • Reality.Bites

        But Roddenberry was an atheist!

    • kaydenpat

      He missed the whole point of Star Trek with all of its diversity and multiculturalism.

    • CottonBlimp

      Let’s all rewatch that episode of TNG where Picard breaks the Prime Directive and nearly dies just to prevent a developing civilization from an epidemic of religion.

  • PTBoat

    No one wants to assimilate you, Jack ass, just stay the fuck out of our lives. That’s all we’ve ever wanted.

  • Ian

    *Someone* took a creative writing class this winter term! Gurrrrrll.

    • Mawm

      With my red pen I would write, “repetitive.”

  • Gustav2
    • Ah, those were the days. When Maggie was young and svelte.

  • Rich Farias

    Gene Roddenberry would slap the shit out of this guy…

    • Gustav2

      And Majel Barrett would help

      • LonelyLiberal

        If she’s dressed as Ambassador Troi at the time, I would kill to see that.

        • Snownova

          We could just photoshop some ridges on Lie-vely’s nose and pretend he’s an alien from a primitive bronze age planet.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    does the reicht in the USA KNOW what Marx wrote?

  • John Calendo

    They’re getting wilder and wilder. More popcorn, please.

    • kaydenpat

      Save some popcorn for the SCOTUS decision. Heads will explode on Fox News.

      • clay

        I’m all a-flutter over if we’ll get some good vibes at the end of this month, or if it will stay all formal hush-hush until the end of Pride month.

  • Goodboy

    “the single-minded quest to seek and either assimilate or destroy whatever person or entity has been foolish enough to challenge it.”

    Well, you’d know all about destroying people for sure. This little evil shit is just pissed that she can’t be anything but mocked outside of countries like Uganda.

  • Macbill

    Someone is a Star Trek fan.

    • BearEyes

      He’s still watching reruns on his vcr.

      • Blake Jordan

        *Betamax – The version that did not “side” with porn…

    • Gustav2

      But is missing the message. Much like he does when he reads Jesus’ words.

    • cjs

      I believe that most Trekkers would vote to expel him from the tribe.

      • J Ascher

        Just send him to the penal colony on Rura Penthe!

  • billbear1961

    Just fuck off, you inhuman monster.


    Can we get a Go fund Me Account to have this freak flown to an asteroid.

  • Reality.Bites

    what’s Borg, says everyone under 40

    • “What we’re going to feed you to.”, says everyone over 40.

      • Reality.Bites

        I’m well over 40 myself. But a friend of mine who teaches at university level made a reference to the Borg’s “resistance is futile” in a class a good ten years ago and was met with blank stares.

        It is important to keep references current when trying to reach a broad audience. In other thread I and others have been making references to the Carol Burnett show, which predates ST:TNG by a considerable amount of time. But we know who’s reading this blog. If I were trying to reach people under 50, I wouldn’t talk about the Carol Burnett Show.

        • Chuck in NYC

          The kids today would say Scott Lively is ratchet.

        • I think you might be surprised at the number of “children” who know exactly who the Borg were. Thousands of them gather every year at SXSW, Comicon and other venues.

          I’ll admit you may be right about Carol Burnett, but that’s a shame. Personally, I think that anyone who doesn’t know and love the Goddess of Comedy should be publicly flogged.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Scott, that is the worst fanfiction I’ve read in a while! Less, Marxist/Borg blah blah and more Riker on Picard action!

    “Who’s the captain now, you French bitch!”

    • John T

      I always assumed “The Borg” was a metaphor for capitalism.

      • Paula

        I read the the writer used it as a metaphor for Islam.

      • Eric in Oakland

        I always thought so too. Corporatism and global capitalism. Exploitation of workers and destruction of the environment for profit, etc….

    • cjs

      Mmmm…. Riker. The first man I ever had a crush on.

  • Bad Tom

    Wow! Scott Lively has updated his viewpoint to 1994.*
    Pssssst! Hey Scott! You need to add another 21 years.
    * When Star Trek Next Generation stopped production.

  • Mark

    I used to get very upset at things like this. Now I just shake my head – – and I know it’s only going to get ratcheted up even more but it’s so pathetic, it’s nearly, nearly laughable.


      I agree. The tide has turned since Windsor. The haters may still be with us, but thier popularity and thieir views are being swept out to sea.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Assimilate this.

  • Todd20036

    Scott doesn’t seem to get that there isn’t much to discuss. You either think gay people are US citizens who are entitled to all the rights and privileges that entails, or you do not.

    • Paula

      If I am not entitled to the same rights, I demand that you cut my income taxes to zero.

  • Dagoril

    And another Twitter meme is born! #EvilGayBorg

  • Speaking as a life-long Trek junkie – go sit on a disruptor rifle!

  • 2patricius2

    Is Scott Deadly talking about himself again? Talking about the Christianist Collectivist Borg?

    • gaymex

      Projection seems to be his dominant psychological trait…well, that along with hate and willful ignorance.

  • delk

    Leftists, marxists, fascists, collectives, sycophants… Why do I think that their email list could not match the name with a definition?

    Must be killing them that they just can’t say FAGGOT.

    Funny thing though, and this is why they hate being called it, we only need one word, BIGOT.

    • kaydenpat

      That they can’t say FAGGOT out loud in the public, you mean.

  • Goodboy

    Resistence is futile bitches!

  • TexasBoy

    The tide it turning, Scott. Educated people are finally seeing what you’re truly saying. That treating everyone , every taxpaying American citizen, with equality and respect, is a very non-Christian thing to do. And they don’t like it. You’re quickly becoming irrelevant.

    • Yeap, his side had every opportunity to make their case and indeed they tried every argument in and out of the book to try and make their case and nothing worked
      for them. He is now pouting because his side didn’t win and of course because he can’t take any responsibility for his own failed arguments he must insist that the system itself isn’t fair and was set up against him.

  • Dramphooey

    I’m sure many Americans were surprised because sadly many are still hate-filled bigots. I’m sure they’re very surprised this all blew up in your faces.

  • Jeff

    Isn’t this the same guy that advocates death for anyone that disagrees with him?

  • George

    ROTFLMAO. The man is fucking certifiably insane. But I guess I am being redundant.

  • John T

    What we need isn’t Marxism, but Stalinism — let’s send Scott Lively to a gulag in Siberia.

  • StraightGrandmother

    Ha-Ha-Ha, Mother F-ER!
    Your bitter tears and writhing in agony bring me DEEP joy!
    Ha-Ha-Ha’ Mother F-ER!
    You and your gang will NEVER Beat #BigGay
    We will NEVER Give Up, and when we die our young’ins will pick up the mantle and fight on. We are changing society and the culture, we ARE!

    Those who do NOT change your attitude towards Sexual Minorities will simply be shunned. We don’t believe in murder or physical assault.

    • Gustav2

      The sad thing is they think we have to assimilate more to reach a majority on our side.

      • GayOldLady

        And the word “assimilate”, in a nutshell, is what they’re upset about. From the beginning of human existence, we’ve been forced through violence, intimidation, threats, shaming, rejection and vicious anti-gay laws to remain in the shadows. When we decided to stand together, stand up, stand out, come out and fight back, they lost their power over us. Millions of years of total domination gone in an historical second, when we decided to stand together and fight back!!!!
        Power to BIG GAY.

    • Gest2016

      Oh the irony of such a non-human calling US borgs … Lively is a functional psychopath at best, a mass murderer by proxy.

  • DN

    You know, it was the Borg that got Obama into office. I’m serious.

    The actress who played Seven of Nine on Voyager, Jeri Ryan was once married to Jack Ryan, Republican, who was the leading candidate to win the Illinois senate seat in 2004. When the details of their divorce were made public, Ryan withdrew his candidacy, allowing Obama to sail to victory.

    The reason for the divorce? He wanted to fuck her in front of people at sex clubs. Not a joke.

    So yeah. Thanks, Borg – you gave us Obama.

    • Gustav2

      I had forgotten that.

      • DN

        You forgot because the Borg probes have infested your system. Just like Obama wanted.

        • Hue-Man

          Name change. Oborga?

          • Bluto


    • Todd20036

      I remember this! I didn’t realize it was the same woman. Oh lord!

    • the sex club part was particularly nasty, and typical for a republican. it wasn’t just group sex he wanted to see her do. he wanted her to be humiliated, bound, (and not too creatively, BDSM people) and otherwise revel in the fact that he could take his famous wife out in public and make her get naked and fuck people she didn’t love. a sicko power trip.

      i have no problem with, and sometimes engage in, mutually agreed upon sex games. what i don’t do is try to force my partner to do what is unwelcome or unwanted. her husband is a pig, plain and simple. as well as what his own kind would call a perv.

      • DonnaLee

        Apparently they’d been to clubs before, which made me happy to think they were swingers, but then she refused to put up with being degraded. I think he just hated that she was the one everybody remembered, not him.

    • kaydenpat

      Wow. Didn’t know this. Yet I bet Jack Ryan is against SSM because — reasons.

    • DonnaLee

      Thank you for pointing that out, I’d forgotten all about that, it was so long ago.

  • Rocketeer500

    OT– in other religious news…. another one bites the dust.

    • Eric in Oakland

      Reverend Robert Schuller was not antigay at least. He never preached intolerance or exclusion,

  • delk

    Always with the Borg, can’t we be Daleks for a change?

    • Gustav2

      Too foreigner. Illegal immigrant!

    • People4Humanity

      mmm … Daleks!

      So colorful … sO GAY!

    • zhera

      Disco Dalek!

      • Clive Johnson

        I’d love to see about 8-10 of these moving along, rotating crazily, bumping into each other, but just generally going with the flow at a pride parade.

        • zhera

          “Do the Hussle!”

    • CottonBlimp


    • J Ascher

      Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

  • ColdCountry

    Someone just discovered Star Trek!

    • Rambie

      He fell asleep last night with the TV on crying into his pillow and woke up to a TNG rerun.

      • Leo Tallant

        Sadly the ideals in that show that Gene Roddenberry put forth either went over his head or in one ear and out of the other.

  • DaveySF

    Scott and his ilk should do the right thing and boycott the internet.

  • NeverEclipsed81

    How dare he! Now I’m offended as a gay person and as a TNG fan.

  • JoeNCA

    Conservatives are suddenly upset that we’re an oligarchy.

    • Eric in Oakland

      No, they’re just upset that their corporate oligarch masters and their religious right masters aren’t on the same page.

  • MAP

    Scott you should focus on your ass going to prison

    • JoeNCA

      Where he’ll turn gay, according to Ben Carson.

  • Timothy Kincaid

    Because American corporations are Marxist, you know.

  • RaygunsGoZap

    What I hear you saying is: I’m drowning! I’m drowning! Won’t someone please save me!

    No. We’ll save ourselves, thankyouverymuch.

  • JoeNCA

    “…now-Collectivist entity Apple Computers.”

    Apparently collectivism helps you to be one of the largest public held companies in the world!

  • So does opposing racist ideologies also = a Borg collective? Does opposing sexist ideologies also = a Borg collective? If so then yeah I will totally accept that label.

    To be very clear I want the anti-gay ideology to be challenged, and rejected at every turn and I want the anti-gay movement’s capabilities to be systematically degraded and their scope of action narrowed to the point where they become irrelevant. I want to shrink the space in which they can operate, reduce the amount of territory they have under their control, and counter their leadership until the anti-gay ideology no longer prevents others from living free and open lives and until they are no longer to recruit at a sustainable level. If this language sounds familiar it is because it is the same language used to describe the US strategy to defeating ISIS.

  • zhera

    Oh Scotty, you know nothing. If there really was a Gay Borg, you would be among the first to be assimilated. The fact that you and the rest of Haters Inc. are still hating, is proof there’s no Gay Borg.

    • Leo Tallant

      OH please, neither the Queen nor Gene Roddenberry would find Scott Lively worthy of assimilation.

  • Mawm

    A very borging question

    • Xuuths


  • PiperPine

    Well that is certainly an interesting analogy to make at the bare minimum.

  • clemsonaj

    Anyone ever been in a church that recites the lord’s prayer? Sounds just like a religious version of the Borg.

  • Clive Johnson

    Because Lively has read Marx’s Theses on Feuerbach, Capital, The Civil War in France, Wage-Labor and Capital, Ludwig Feuerbach & the End of Classical German Philosophy, and other works, and deduced that they were all about gays persecuting Christians.

  • grada3784

    And who would know better about the Borg than a cult leader like the deadly Mr. Lively.

  • kaydenpat

    He sounds skeered!

  • Matt

    As if we didnt know this already, this guy is certifiably crazy.

  • geoffalnutt

    BIG GAY meets BIG LOO-LOO-LA-LA!!!!

  • Ginger Snap

    The level of crazy is just astounding as their bigoted movement gets closer to the bitter losing end.

  • BostonBud

    I think the irony is that the people who he “preaches” to would have no idea what he is talking about. Of course the gays are laughing hysterically and get in on the joke that’s he’s become. I think he wants to the be the queen…

    • Leo Tallant

      I rather prefer this one:

  • sherman

    Are you guys going to force me to become a Marxist? Do I have to grow a beard?

    I think all you Marxists are fascists, or at least some other ist that sounds bad that I don’t understand. I’m sure there’s at least one regular poster here that could straighten that out.

  • Leo Tallant

    I find it disgusting that Scott Lively uses a reference about a television show created by a man who based that show around the ideals of diversity and equality.

    That being said, The big boys are on OUR side! Eat it bitch!

  • sherman

    This is how we start the conversion

  • Eric in Oakland

    Riiiggghhhttt… So the guy who wants to force everyone to be straight and Christian, and who literally advocates the death penalty or prison for those who don’t conform or who publicly disagree with his pogrom… is now very concerned about assimilationism and lack of dissent.

  • David F.

    Lively and his ilk would never be assimilated. The Borg do not assimilate inferior forms of life (as mentioned in a Voyager episode). Even the Borg have standards.

  • Luther Kreiger

    It’s exactly the pretty little fig leaf of “religious freedom” plus being a member of the powerful majority religion that has kept you out of prison for the crimes against humanity you’ve committed, you vile shitstain. I suggest you stop whining before things get worse for you.

  • JoyZeeBoy

    I’m sorry, Scott, but your Comic-Con, Trekkie roots are showing.Why not peel off the Spock ears, grow up and face reality.

  • Isn’t he busy preparing for his human rights violations trial?

  • The Milkman

    Crimes against humanity defendant says what, again?

  • Kissmagrits

    Yesterday, Scott had us worshipping Hitler. Today, we’re consorting with the Borg Queen. Tomorrow – the world is ours! And we’ll see to it Scott moves to Kenya – the same place he claims our president came from.

  • A Big Sarcastic Fairy!

    We are Gay Borg, we will ASSimilate you. You will start wearing drag and all of that other nasty gay stuff you accuse us of. Twit.

  • TheManicMechanic


    Okay, I will take the comparison just fine. As long as you and your religious, hate-driven kind assume the position of the proto-humans in 2001: A Space Odyssey before that big, black monolith (no, not the one in the White House, though that parallel is pretty apt) shows up.

  • Bill T.

    Having Lively and Barber in the same place is like pouring bleach and ammonia into the same bucket.

  • Will he have internet access while he’s in prison?

  • Cuberly

    OH Scotty, it appears your hinges have been un’d.

  • metrored

    Please! We have no interest in assimilating you. SorrynotSorry

  • Octavio

    Was there a reason I was supposed to read the amusing stylings of Scott Lively? ‘Cause I didn’t. If I missed something new, lemmee know. K? THNX

  • The Roaming Invert

    As a Star Trek fan, I highly dislike that this asshole seems so well versed in Trek vocabulary.

    • Barry William Teske

      Seems but in Livelys case uses is more apt.

  • jimbo65

    “That’s just how the LGBT Borg operates and it‘s getting stronger with every conquest.”
    Yes, well then, if you know “resistance is futile”, then shut the fuck up and get with the program. You’re on the losing side. You’re not worthy of being assimilated. You’re more like chest burster bait for the Alien monsters. Oh and I hope you’re trial for the crimes against humanity is overseen by judge Q.

  • Rick

    Tra-la-la, Scott Lively is angry again. Must be Thursday!

  • NZArtist

    I’m totally going to be Loquacious of the Borg.

  • Sean


    Classic projection from the mentally diseased, blood thirsty, NON-HUMAN Nazi filth Scott Lively – another Jim Crow loving parasite supports forcing LGBT people to serve him and anti-LGBT filth against our free will while allowing anti-LGBT filth to refuse service to us.

    The rest of that mentally diseased uneducated rant is a violation of pro-LGBT companies freedom of speech, etc.

    And of course Matt Barbaric republished it as both of them want to mass murder LGBT people just like Hitler did.

    • Sean


      • William

        Great, now they both have stiffies.

  • Ken

    I’m FINE with this. GayBorg Kidd

  • I.Smith

    If Gay people are the Borg what does that make you?
    Their is no way you are the Federation, with universal health care, no need for money, and the joining of aliens in to one harmonious group.
    You cant be the Klingons because they have Honour
    You could be the sneaky fascist Romulans who are Xenophoblic war mongers.
    But you are more like the Ferengi, Cowardly, Moral less, Greedy, assholes.

  • Bj Lincoln

    I would rather be referred to as Borg than some of the other names they call us. As a Treker, I’m pissed he would use a Star Trek reference. He does NOT follow the Prime Directive or anything else the Star Trek stands for. Gene would be pissed!

  • Amanda B. Rekendwith
  • Snownova

    Well well, for once Lie-vely hath spoken the truth. Resistance. Is. Futile. You cannot stop the tides of history. Stand in it’s way and prepare to be swept away.

  • Dead Giveaway

    It’s absolutely hilarious that a Republican is attempting to use Star Trek and its utopian future without money, religion, or discrimination, as a weapon to spread bigotry against a minority.

  • D. J.

    Has Scott started drinking moonshine? Uganda is supposedly the drunkest place on the planet:
    No wonder he was able to help get that draconian law passed.