GOP Arkansas Pol: It’s Time To Nuke ISIS

“With ISIS spreading all over the Middle East and Africa and Islamic Extremists carrying out violence in Europe, The United Kingdom and even in the United States, I wonder why the civilized world just sits by when we have weapons that could wipe out these barbarians where they are concentrated? I believe it is time to annihilate the strongholds and pursue the rest till we have them all captured or killed. A strategically placed nuclear weapon would save the lives of our soldiers and quickly turn things around. It is time for the insanity to be stopped.” – GOP Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert, in a posting on his Facebook page. Rapert did not specify where this nuclear weapon should be detonated. The above image is from the Arkansas Times.

RELATED: Until this week Rapert was most famous for telling a Tea Party gathering that they should not allow “minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in.” Last summer Rapert authored a resolution calling on the Arkansas Supreme Court to invalidate the same-sex marriages that took place in the brief period in which they were legal. The resolution failed.

  • KnownDonorDad

    He seems nice.

  • Phil

    Dr. Strangelove.

    • Menergy

      “You can’t fight in here, this is the WAR Room!”

  • So…. he want us to nuke, for instance, Egypt?

    • IamM

      Is there an Egypt in Arkansas?

      • Dicky

        Yup, there is. One in Pennsylvania,too.

  • shellback

    That’s nice, dear, but what are we going to do about xtians?

  • TexPlant

    And nukes are so subtle

  • DaddyRay

    Any hostages or humanitarian aid workers will surely survive the blast

  • Nuclear weapons have been used offensively twice, 70 years ago. Since then there has developed an almost visceral and existential abhorrence to the THOUGHT of using them offensively again. I believe that the offensive use of any nuclear weapon, whether by the U.S., an ally, an enemy, a terrorist, or a “freedom fighter,” would be tremendously destabilizing globally.

    • John Masters

      Our memory is too short Chuck. This guy wasn’t even born 70 years ago, so he’s given it no thought. It just sounds really cool, and makes for some red meat for the Tea Party crowd…so what the hell. Throw it out there. After all, there are only Muslims over there, so even if a few tens of thousands of innocent people die (well, they were Muslims, so not really innocent [/snark]) then so what.

      • I.Smith

        We cant have gay marriage because Republicans want to think of the Children.
        But Republicans have no problem wanting to murder millions of children with Nukes.

  • chris james

    Poor Jason doesn’t realize that nuking someone, anyone for that matter, will only be the beginning of the insanity. Let the Muslim world deal with ISIS since they purport to be doing all this in the name of Allah. Any nuking will only make the Christians look like the bad guys…again.

    • David Walker

      “Even more” rather than “again,” I think.

  • Ninja0980

    There is already blowback from our drone program.
    Just a guess but I would imagine vaporizing thousands of innocent people likely isn’t going to go over well.

    • David Walker

      Collateral damage is OK if Jeebus is involved.

  • “It is time for the insanity to be stopped.”

    What a punch line. (Under the heading “Do these people ever listen to themselves?”)

    • George

      The people of Arkansas must be very proud. The people of this state do not understand why the rest of the sane world mocks them.

      • MickinDetroit

        The people of the US must be very proud. The people of this country do not understand why the rest of the sane world mocks them.

        With hard core Rs controlling 39 states and congress…. you’re post needed a fix.

      • John Masters

        They seemed to be locked in a pitched battle with Alabama for most backward state.

    • PeterC

      Sort of — like when the “Christians” got started. They should have been annihilated.

      • grada3784

        Nero tried and he did wipe out a lot of the real Christians. The ones we have today got in under the Constantinian rules of forced belief.

  • BobSF_94117

    Back in high school, during the Iran hostage crisis, a friend of a friend wanted to “nuke the terrariums”…

    • Randy Left Brooklyn

      Good idea. That would give us really big flowers. Nuclear war as a way of beautifying the earth.

  • goofy_joe

    We don’t use them BECAUSE we’re civilized. Those weapons are horrible, terrible things that cause death and destruction to anyone. Innocent people will die, and that’s not okay. Us dropping a bomb over there would only breed resentment and create more ISIS-like groups in the future where Holy War is the reality.

    Barbarians settle their problems with violence, not civilized cultures.

    • John Masters

      But they’re not civilized…they’re brownish people who aren’t Baptist, so whatever we do to them is OK…as long as it’s really really bad…you really are goofy [/snark].

  • MythicalBeast

    Well gee, Senator Moron, come to think about it, your nuclear option would mean a) taking out a much larger number of innocent people than ISIS radicals, b) violating numerous treaties and turning the entire world against us, c) releasing more dangerous radiation into the atmosphere and poisoning large regions, d) escalating conflicts potentially to the point of virtually global war. There’s no such thing as “a strategically placed nuclear weapon” that would save “the lives of our soldiers.” Derpity-derp.

  • Nah… use napalm. That way, when the glassed surface cools, you and your Criscostain Teatard buddies can move in quicker and wallow around in all that oil you’re so fond of. You’ll have your own little theocratic oligarchy, and the rest of the planet will be well rid of you.

  • Adam Schmidt

    Don’t worry… in the case of a legitimate nuke, the Christian body can just shut that whole thing down. They can like duck under a desk or something and God will look after them. And if they suffer from radiation and fallout, well God must have intended for that to happen.

    • FTW!

    • John Masters

      Because we know that “strategically placed” nuclear weapons kill only bad guys.

    • delk

      They can use Michelle Duggar as a bomb shelter.

  • DaddyRay

    Guess he didn’t watch the video

  • Randy Left Brooklyn

    First they solved the threat from gay rights, and now they solved the ISIS problem. Those shining superstars in the Arkansas GOP just have all the answers don’t they.

  • So — just nuke any territory with brown people in it?

  • guest2015

    Since he is such an expert, send him to Japan first and fix Fukushima.

  • TomF.

    Surprising how free and easy some people are with nuclear weapons. “Just nuke ’em…end of problem.” These morons don’t seem to understand that such warheads are not mere carloads of TNT. Nuclear weapons spread radiation, and that radiation goes wherever it will. And once someone starts lobbing radioactive warheads all over the place then that gives anyone else carte blanche to say “Oh yeah? Well here’s MY nuclear bomb for YOU!” and before you know it we have one totally uninhabitable planet. Fucking morons.

  • Bill_Perdue

    The nuclear option was the basis for Ike and Nixons secret plans to end the wars in Korea and Vietnam. Luckily those plans were never implemented.

    Instead Eisenhower and Nixon concentrated on non nuclear mililtary options to try to win the wars begun by Truman and LBJ. Thankfully, both efforts failed miserably.

  • TexasBoy

    Apparently if God doesn’t start Armageddon soon enough for them, the Christians, they’ll use the nuclear option.

    • I.Smith

      If they are anything like God with his tornados and floods they will end up hitting the wrong place.

  • JJS_prime

    This is a good idea because there won’t be any fallout to deal with? Or is your “christian” magic just going to make it go away? Think before you speak, idiot.

  • Macbill

    Sounds like he’s trying to jump-start “The Rapture”, but he’s just illuminating “The Rupture” in his brain.

    • I.Smith

      Israel will be retaliated against if America Nukes the middle east which he would want because it will bring about the Rapture.

  • 2patricius2

    Sure. Let’s just nuke and destroy lots and lots of innocent people. That seems to be the solution that some of these idiots propose. Of course, to the god of these idiots, who destroys lots of innocent people, that is just commonplace behavior.

    • I.Smith

      Their God tends to miss a lot with all his tornados he aims at the Gays. So if they follow their God they will probably end up Nuking Australia instead.

  • Mark_in_MN

    One reason “the civilized world” doesn’t just nuke ’em is because it’s the civilized world.

  • ericxdc

    nuke who? where?

    or is he just saying let’s chop the middle east off the world map and blow it away? Cause if he is, I’ll give him a world map and a bottle of whiteout because that would be about as effective.

  • SoCalVet

    trust me, if the powers that be could drop a nuke and end the ISIS drama, it would already be done. However, it doesn’t work like that. We aren’t fighting a nation. We’re fighting a bunch of criminals hiding in and amongst other peaceful Muslim and Christian people.

  • delk

    But, he is the founder and president of Holy Ghost Ministries. Can’t he just send Caspar over there to straighten things out?

    • grada3784

      Caspar is friendly, but not holy.

  • grada3784

    But Jesus hasn’t come back yet. You can’t start the end of the world without Jesus.

  • RFW

    Another old fart who hasn’t looked at a calendar lately and thus hasn’t noticed that it’s not 1945 anymore!

    Those people sure live in the past — and it’s a past that bears only passing resemblance to the real past.

  • JCF

    “Tony Perkins Praises Arkansas”

    …or perhaps it’s time to nuke Arkansas.

  • Sean Taylor

    I have to wonder if they understand that ISIS isn’t a place. Nor is it in one place.

  • Sean

    “I wonder why the civilized world just sits by when we have weapons that could wipe out these barbarians where they are concentrated?”

    Because killing innocents that are also in the same area as the target is something an uncivilized terrorist would do.

  • RShini

    I’m not a fan of gore-spamming, but it seems like a good idea to spam his facebook with pictures from the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s bombing about his pretty little nuclear option.

  • douglas

    Nuke CPAC and Fox news instead.