Ben Carson 2016 Comes One Step Closer

The wingnut Washington Times today reports that Tea Party hero Ben Carson has taken a “major step” towards officially announcing his run for the presidency.

Emerging from two-days of meetings with supporters in Palm Beach, Fla., Dr. Carson told the Times on Friday morning he has selected Houston businessman Terry Giles to be his 2016 campaign chairman should he run and approved the formation of a PAC called One Nation. “Now is the time to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation, and put down the structure that is necessary,” Dr. Carson said in a phone interview. Asked about the likelihood he will run for president in 2016, Dr. Carson said: “I would say we are definitely a step or two closer than we were a year ago.” He said the outcome of the 2014 elections in which Republicans are trying to seize control of the Senate would be a major factor, and that his new PAC would try to support candidates with similar viewpoints as his.

It’s been 62 years since a political novice was elected president. That was Eisenhower and HE was a five-star general and the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during WWII. Therefore we should support Carson’s bid – purely for the Herman Cain 2.0 hilarity that would surely ensue.