Maggie Mocks Gay Parenting Study

“The New York Times
and the media are widely reporting the results of a new study of 500
children raised by same-sex couples. Researchers are aghast that such a
shoddy piece of work, which is based on a convenience sample of parents
who volunteered to be surveyed, and which relies solely on these
parents’ reports to determine child well-being, should have been
published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal. The author is facing a
petition and statement signed by hundreds of reputable academics,
questioning his moral character and scientific integrity, and the editor
of the journal who published such a thing faces similar attacks and
enquiries about whether the peer-review process was compromised. Oh wait, the study shows children of same-sex parents do better than the average child, after adjusting for income. Never mind.” – Maggie Gallagher, writing for the National Review. (Via Good As You.)