The End Of Wizzy

Last night’s WYSIWYG Gays Gone Wild show was a blast. All the performers were hilarious, with Leigh Thompson’s question and answer routine about his life as a transman being the highlight of the evening. Rod Townsend sang a song about gonorrhea (to the tune of ABBA’s Mamma Mia) and Amnesia Sparkles did a bit about being Satan’s receptionist. Joel Derfner and Kelli Dunham got naked during their sets, to the delight of the crowd, but that was not in MY plans, despite a few catcalls to follow suit. In honor of the last Wizzy, I reread 2004’s The Dealbreaker, the first story I’d performed at Wizzy, and a new piece titled Hanky Code, which I’ll post here later this week. Big thanks to WYSIWYG producers Chris Hampton and Andy Horwitz for having me back so many times over the years. It was a sad but distinct honor to be the final performer at a show series that will surely live in NYC theatre fame. I fear that there will be a videoclip of the show up at Gawker some time today, I will advise.

UPDATE: Little David has posted a nice review of the show.