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Sessions Unveils DOJ Campaign To Sue Municipalities That Have Zoning Laws That Regulate Places Of Worship

CNN reports: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an initiative on Wednesday aimed at boosting the Justice Department’s role protecting religious institutions from cumbersome zoning rules. “Under the laws of this country, government cannot discriminate against people based on their religion — not in law enforcement, not in grant-making, not in hiring and not in local zoning laws,” Sessions said in …

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Judge Rules Against NYC Porn Shop Ban

Eleven years ago one of the first things just-elected Mayor Bloomberg did was to order porn shops out of Times Square so that the area would be safe for “family friendly” businesses like the Disney Store and Bubba Gump’s. City zoning officers had long been stymied in their attempts to enforce a 1995 law which stipulates that a business would …

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The Roar Of The Crowd

As a commenter on Vanishing New York puts it, “No one moved to the East Village/Lower East Side to hear birdsong in the mornings and crickets at night,” but the new Thompson LES Hotel’s rooftop pool bar, which is literally inches from the windows of the surrounding apartments, has got the entire neighborhood in an uproar. Here’s a 20-second clip …

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