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Homocon Fake News Site Claims Israel Nuked Syria

Media Matters reports: A branch of the Russian-owned news outlet Sputnik reported as real a fake story that Israel had used a nuclear weapon on Syria from YourNewsWire, a fake news site that experts have described as a proxy and a pusher of Russian-supported narratives. On April 30, Israel launched a missile attack on facilities in Syria allegedly connected to …

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Homocon Fake News Site Goes Viral With Flu Lie

Boing Boing reports: If you want a good example that shows how Facebook cares more about pleasing its shareholders than the it does about stopping fake news, look how this fake news story, which claims a CDC doctor says the flu vaccine is causing the flu outbreak, is spreading across Facebook (current number of shares: 691k). Remember, Facebook has complete …

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Meet The Married Homocon Kingpins Of Fake News

In 2014 they made history when they got married in London one minute after it became legal in England and Wales. Since then, however… From the Hollywood Reporter: “Reality is how you perceive it. You can change that perception of reality — dictate it.” Most journalism barons don’t deal in metaphysics. For digital upstart Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 36, who talks of …

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