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New High School Designed To Thwart Mass Shooters

The Washington Post reports: Engineers in World War I dug through the earth to build serpentine trenches borne from horrifically clear logic. If enemy soldiers ever breached it, the zigzagging pattern would prevent them from shooting in a straight line down the length of the trench — leaving only a relative few exposed to gunfire or shrapnel. That concept has …

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The Bulletproof Backpack

John Aravosis notes that you can also get the Disney Princess and Avengers versions. One website is actually selling them as the “Amendment II Ballistic Backpack.” Our ballistic backpack provides built-in ballistic protection in a backpack that weighs just ounces more than a non-armored backpack. RynoHide carbon nanotube armor is lined in the back panel of the backpack. Sewn into …

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