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Homocons Co-Sign Statement Denouncing “Punishment” Of Mozilla’s Former CEO

A coalition of well-known homocons and others today released a public statement on the resignation of former Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich. The statement is titled, “Freedom To Marry, Freedom To Dissent: Why We Must Have Both.” An excerpt: Is opposition to same-sex marriage by itself, expressed in a political campaign, beyond the pale of tolerable discourse in a free society? …

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HomoQuotable – William Saletan

“Losing your job for being gay is different from losing your job for opposing gay marriage. Unlike homosexuality, opposition to same-sex marriage is a choice, and it directly limits the rights of other people. But the rationales for getting rid of Eich bear a disturbing resemblance to the rationales for getting rid of gay managers and employees. He caused dissension. …

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Then End Of The (Gay) Line?

In a Slate story titled The Gay Culture War Is About To Turn Chemical, William Saletan discusses last week’s story about the latest study into the gay brain and speculates that the long-feared Twilight Of The Golds world of aborting gay fetuses or “switching off” their gayness in the womb may be closer that we think. The sample consisted of …

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