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Typing In Tongues

Televangelist and self-proclaimed prophetress Juanita Bynum has raised the ire of some fellow Pentacostals by “typing in tongues” on her Facebook page. However thousands of supportive commenters are lauding Bynum for allowing the “weight of the Holy Spirit” to land on her laptop. SRSLY.

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Email Of The Day – Eugene Delguadio

“Could I have stood by and watched as Radical Homosexuals spread lies and deceit about their true goals? Who else would have exposed the truth about the ‘gay’ agenda? These people admit that they want to molest our children. They admit that they want special rights that no American has. They admit that they want to infiltrate and weaken our …

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Show Him The Money

And moving to News Of The Deranged, Tom Cruise is coming to Manhattan next week to host a $100,000 per table fundraiser to benefit a Scientology “New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project”, which claims to be able to detoxify cops, firefighters and rescue workers who were exposed to poisons during the World Trade Center rescue. Crazy, right? Even crazier, this …

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