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Breakthrough Sieve Removes Salt From Seawater

The BBC reports: A UK-based team of researchers has created a graphene-based sieve capable of removing salt from seawater. The sought-after development could aid the millions of people without ready access to clean drinking water. The promising graphene oxide sieve could be highly efficient at filtering salts, and will now be tested against existing desalination membranes. It has previously been …

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Cher Donates 180,000 Bottles Of Water To Flint

Entertainment Weekly reports: Cher is pitching in to help out Flint, Michigan, during the city’s ongoing water crisis. As part of a partnership with Icelandic Glacial, Cher is donating 181,440 bottles of water to Flint after the discovery of lead contamination in the city’s drinking water. According to a press release, the bottles will be shipped out on Monday and …

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