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Prayer Of The Day

The Family Research Council-sponsored hate group Watchmen On The Wall are asking their followers to pray that Tennessee approves its pending ban on local LGBT rights laws. May Tennessee enact this bill to prevent ENDA-like ordinances! May Congress do so likewise, if the President dares to circumvent Congress by issuing an ENDA-like Executive Order! (Dt 8:11-20; Is 5:20-21, 23; Rom …

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The Watchmen On The Wall(s)

The Family Research Council is holding a giant anti-gay marriage shindig in Augusta, Maine on September 14th, with a lineup featuring all the usual crazies. “The battle is raging for America’s soul! Will you sound the alarm?” Note how similar the name is to the Watchmen On The Walls, the virulently anti-gay group founded by Pink Swastika author Scott Lively. …

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Faces Of Hate

Some of today’s anti-gay protesters in San Francisco were bussed in from the Sacramento area’s massive Russian/Slavic community, many of whom belong to the extreme right-wing organization Watchmen On The Walls. The group was co-founded by the former California director of Focus On The Family and Latvia-born preacher Alexey Ledyaev. The Watchmen are listed as a hate group by the …

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