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Conservative Paper To Writers: Don’t Criticize Fox News

CNN reports: The top editor at the Washington Examiner, a leading conservative news organization, instructed staff in recent months to refrain from writing negative stories about Fox News, according to two people familiar with the matter. The people who spoke to CNN Business said that they believed the Examiner’s editor in chief, Hugo Gurdon, handed down the order because he …

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Trump Hails Paper For Running His Own List Of “Results”

Mediaite reports: On Tuesday, President Donald Trump lauded the Washington Examiner for publishing a list of the Trump administration’s 205 historic results. Yet, as the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale notably noticed, that list of accomplishments actually came directly from Trump’s own team, who provided the Examiner an “exclusive.” It is also not the first time that the Washington Examiner has …

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Washington Examiner Tweets Trump Is Going To Hell

Newsweek reports: The Washington Examiner, a conservative American political journalism website and weekly magazine, has tweeted out a scathing post on President Donald Trump declaring that the president is “going to hell,” before hitting out at the paper itself for promoting him. “Trump is going to hell,” the tweet, posted on Monday just after 1a.m. ET reads. “Anyone who ever …

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