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McDonald’s Joins Fast Food Rush To Veggie Burgers

The New York Daily News reports: McDonald’s is going above and beyond with its new burger. The fast-food giant has partnered with Beyond Meat to create a sandwich dubbed the PLT, made with plant-based “beef,” lettuce and tomato (ignoring the fact that lettuce and tomato are also plants). The new menu item will be tested at 28 locations in Ontario, …

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Beyond Meat: KFC To Test Vegan Fried “Chicken”

CNBC reports: Colonel Sanders will soon be serving vegan fried chicken to see if customers think it’s finger lickin’ good. KFC will start testing plant-based fried chicken from Beyond Meat in an Atlanta restaurant on Tuesday. The test makes the Yum Brands subsidiary the first national U.S. fast-food chain to introduce a Beyond chicken item, beating Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. The …

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GEORGIA (COUNTRY): Neo-Nazis Pelt Vegan Cafe Patrons With Sausages Because Gays Eat There

The Guardian reports: A vegan cafe in the centre of Tbilisi was shocked to find itself the subject of far-right ire after a group arrived and threw meat on patrons’ plates, leading to a public brawl. Customers said a group entered the cafe wearing sausages around their necks and carrying slabs of meat on skewers, before attacking customers and staff. …

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