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SCOTUS To Hold Special Session On Vaccine Mandates

Politico reports: The Supreme Court says it will hold a special session in just over two weeks to hear arguments on the Biden administration’s vaccine or testing requirement for large employers and a separate vaccine requirement for healthcare workers, an announcement that comes amid rising coronavirus cases. The high court announced late Wednesday that it would hear arguments in the …

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Trump Judge Blocks Mandate For Federal Contractors

The Associated Press reports: A federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Joe Biden’s administration from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors, the latest in a string of victories for Republican-led states pushing back against Biden’s pandemic policies. U.S. District Judge R. Stan Baker, in Augusta, Georgia, issued a stay to bar enforcement of the mandate nationwide. …

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Hannity: It’s Not My Calling To Quit Over Fox Mandate

“These are all self inflicted disasters. It’s not a high class problem, it’s an all American problem. Afghanistan was a disaster you caused. “The border is a disaster they caused. The COVID disaster? They’re causing it. And if you think the economy disaster is bad now with talk of inflation, stagflation, you know you think the supply chain crisis is …

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