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Headline Of The Day

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller has posted an entry celebrating the continuing Harry Reid meme that I mentioned earlier this week. Urban Dictionary can be edited by anybody with a computer, but somehow they believe this is significant.

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The New Number One

But why have things changed? “We make more than 500 changes to our algorithms in a typical year,” a spokesman for Google told Yahoo News. “With each of those changes, sites will shuffle to different positions in our search results. We have not manually taken action to change the ranking of the site.” As Search Engine Land notes, the shift …

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Urban Dictionary’s Word Of The Day

Over at Urban Dictionary, today’s word of the day is “Jeebus.” According to some of the posts there, Jeebus predates its current Simpsons-inspired usage. Some say Frank Zappa used it on one of his records and Zappa fan Matt Groening got it there. Others say the term dates back centuries as just one of many words people used to avoid …

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