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Sean Spicer Rents Trump Hotel Lobby For Book Party

The New York Times reports: Mr. Spicer is having a book party on Tuesday in Washington’s newly fashionable Wharf district. If you pay $1,000 for “Press Secretary” access, you get four tickets, personalized books and access to a V.I.P. reception. At the “Deputy Press Secretary” level ($500), you get two tickets to the party and V.I.P. reception, plus signed books. …

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Junior Summoned By Senate Intelligence Committee

Tickity tock: Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Trump, will meet with Senate Intelligence Committee staff this month as part of the panel’s investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election. Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the committee’s chairman, confirmed to NBC News on Friday that Trump Jr. would speak to staff. CNN previously reported that Trump Jr. …

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Kellyanne Conway: Criticism Of Me Is “Gender-Based”

“I understand that we’re a nation of charged opinions and partisan rancor, but I do find that most of the vitriol comes from people who don’t know me, and who are very brave on social media. It’s unbelievable how if I say something on a television program, or if the president says something, the reaction is so disconnected from what …

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