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Tony Schwartz: Trump Has “Clearly Deteriorated”

Joe DePaolo writes: Tony Schwartz — co-writer of Trump’s The Art of the Deal — has carved out a niche as something of a Trump-whisperer on cable news. Speaking with Alisyn Camerota, the author stated that he thinks the president is getting less stable. “He has clearly deteriorated,” Schwartz said Tuesday on CNN’s New Day. He added, “Any reasonable person …

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Donald Trump Sues Art Of The Deal Ghostwriter For Denouncing Him, Demands Returns Of All Royalties

From the New Yorker: When Tony Schwartz, Donald Trump’s ghostwriter for his 1987 memoir “The Art of the Deal,” decided to tell the public about his concerns that Trump isn’t fit to serve as President, his main worry was that Trump, who is famously litigious, would threaten to take legal action against him. Schwartz’s premonition has proved correct. On Monday, …

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