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HomoQuotable – Tobias Wolff

“The attempt by the Republican party to overreach following last November’s elections and cripple the ability of workers to organize — and, incredibly, to roll back protections like child labor laws, as in Maine, where Republicans are seeking to create a rotating, vulnerable and underpaid workforce that will further disempower low-wage household earners — has generated a backlash unlike anything …

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CNN: Maggie Gallagher Vs. Tobias Wolff On DOMA Repeal

Despite his recent foray into birther wingnuttery, CNN moderator Lou Dobbs actually says some sensible things here, demanding that Maggie Gallagher explain how opposite marriage is damaged by gay marriage. “You’re blaming homosexuals for an institution that’s under assault by just about everything BUT gays!” Tobias Wolff is typically great here.

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