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Broadway’s Hottest Chorus Boys

Time Out New York has posted their annual “ten hottest chorus boys” who are opening in new Broadway musicals this spring. Hit the link for the full slideshow and note that they have a list for the hottest chorus girls, too.

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The Ten Hottest Chorus Boys Of 2012

Time Out New York today posts their ten hottest chorus boys cast in Broadway shows set to open this spring. Now THAT is how you promote the new season. (And naturally, my example is the furriest one of the bunch.)

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101 NYC Winter Things To Do

Time Out New York’s “101 Things To Do In New York City In The Winter” list has lots of interesting items on it. Number one is the holiday light show at Grand Central Terminal. Agreed. #32- See Jackie Beat’s holiday show. Agreed. #50- Celebrate Festivus on Dec. 23. Agreed! And now, the feats of strength…

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