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Juror Fan Of Far-Right Podcaster Found Trump Liable

The New York Daily News reports: A juror in E. Jean Carroll’s case against Donald Trump, who told the court his sole source of news was a prominent conservative commentator, was among those who found the former president liable for sexual abuse and defamation, according to court records unsealed Wednesday. Juror No. 77, a Bronx native who works in security, …

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Far-Right Podcaster Cited By Mass Shooter Claims It’s All A “PSYOP,” Blames TX Shooting On “Multiculturalism”

“I’ll put it simply, I think it’s multiculturalism. And not the idea that people of all different types are holding hands under the rainbow, it’s that you have different communities stacked on top of each other and next to each other with wildly different views and they don’t like each other. “And then people who are crazy will do crazy …

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Boebert Suggests Biden Is Injecting Speed [VIDEO]

“Do you think there’s an oxygen deficiency in the White House? That that’s what’s going on with Joe? I know that answer’s way too simple. Cognitive decline. “He was talking pretty fast at the state of the union. So fast, he was stumbling over everything, couldn’t get it together. I talk like fast that when I have a big hearing …

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