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Fox Contributor: More Women Will Be Raped And More Children Will Die If Birthright Citizenship Isn’t Ended

“I think the framers of the Constitution did not mean for birthright citizenship for those who are in the country illegally. I don’t think they want to reward illegal behavior. I’ve been in this business for three decades. And I tell you, one of the first things a lot of these illegal aliens do when they get here is have …

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Trump Sprung “Border Czar” On WH And Border Czar

CNN reports: President Donald Trump’s announcement on “Fox and Friends” Friday morning that Tom Homan would be his new “border czar” appears to have been premature. Homan, a Fox News contributor, was caught by surprise by the announcement. Two senior White House officials acknowledged the details of a position are still being worked out and conversations are ongoing. Trump’s announcement …

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Trump Names Fox News Contributor As “Border Czar”

Axios reports: Thomas Homan, a Fox News contributor who served as acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director at the start of President Trump’s tenure, will work as an administration “border czar,” the president announced on “Fox & Friends” Friday. It’s the latest of a string of new appointments to top immigration-linked positions, including Ken Cuccinelli as director of U.S. Citizenship …

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