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NYS Comptroller To Sochi Sponsors: Denounce Russia’s Anti-Gay Crackdown

New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has signed onto a letter which demands that sponsors of the Sochi Olympics issue a denouncement of Russia’s anti-gay pogrom. Andy Humm reports at Gay City News: Ten major Olympic sponsors from Coke to Dow Chemical –– none of which has acceded to calls that they speak out forcefully against Russia’s laws making it …

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No Paychecks For NY Senators

New York state Controller Thomas DiNapoli has come through on his promise to withhold the paychecks of our do-nothing state Senate. Senators, can you spare a dime? Thirty-one days into their stalemate, do-nothing warring state senators are having their salaries withheld Wednesday – for the first time since the infamous June 8 Republican-led coup. State Controller Thomas DiNapoli last week …

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NY Controller To Withhold Senate Pay

Finally! NY State Controller Thomas DiNapoli has begun the process to withhold the pay of state Senators. “I have a responsibility to taxpayers to safeguard their interests,” DiNapoli said. “These are difficult fiscal times. The state needs leadership and action.” DiNapoli’s decision affects the pay period ending July 8. Payroll for 62 senators amounts to some $190,000, or $3,049 per …

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