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Ted Haggard: I Never Claimed To Be Heterosexual

Ted Haggard, the gay that won’t go away, now says he never claimed to be “completely heterosexual”, as was widely reported last year. In an HBO documentary set to air Jan. 29, disgraced evangelical leader Ted Haggard says he never claimed to be heterosexual, as was once reported, and he continues to struggle with same-sex attraction. But he’s committed to …

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The Closet

Grab a tissue for this gorgeous short from filmmaker Stewart Hendler and writer Richard Bloom. Heartbreaking and inspiring in just four minutes. (Via – Good As You)

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“Strange Male Ass”

You’ll have to embiggen it to be able to read the text of this cartoon I found on Free Republic, where I often lurk on their “Homosexual Agenda” threads. They do almost as good a job of ferreting out news of gay interest as some mainstream gay media sites. Although the cartoon is intended to be mean-spirited, the author inadvertently …

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