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The Atlantic Takes On Huckabee Over Claim That States Can Ignore SCOTUS

On Tuesday Mike Huckabee told right wing radio host Hugh Hewitt that states have the right to defy the Supreme Court should they rule in favor of nationwide marriage equality. Huckabee has said the same whackadoodle thing in the past (as have Bryan Fischer and others), but this time his remarks have gotten wide notice due to his potential bid …

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The Tyranny Of New York

Conor Friedersdorf writes in an Atlantic piece titled The Tyranny Of New York: New York City’s role on the American scene isn’t unhealthy merely because it attracts creative, ambitious people with its dynamism, or because its residents have a healthy ego about the relative merits of their city. The problem is that along with those inevitable traits of great cities, …

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Uninventing Suburbia

Over at The Atlantic, Richard Florida thinks the current economic crisis will result in the most radical redrawing of the physical American landscape since the onset of the Industrial Age. The housing bubble was the ultimate expression, and perhaps the last gasp, of an economic system some 80 years in the making, and now well past its “sell-by” date. The …

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