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Ted Cox: Undercover With The “Ex-Gays”

I’ve blogged several times about straight reporter Ted Cox and his undercover investigation of the “ex-gay” industry. Today Cox writes us to let us know that his entire story has now been posted online despite the confidentiality agreement he signed with the so-called Journey Into Manhood. The article is riveting, here’s how it starts. I don’t remember exactly when I …

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Undercover With The “Ex-Gays”

You may recall Ted Cox, the straight, formerly Mormon, reporter who went undercover at an “ex-gay” conversion therapy retreats in two states. Cox was unable to tell his story because his publisher feared legal reprisals if Cox were to break the confidentiality agreement the “ex-gays” made him sign. This week Cox has broken the agreement in an interview with Alternet. …

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Straight Guy Goes “Ex-Gay” Undercover

Ted Cox, a straight formerly Mormon reporter, thought it would an interesting story to go undercover at Journey Into Manhood, a “recovery from homosexuality” event in Salt Lake City. But Cox was unable to publish his story because the event’s organizer convinced his employer that to do so would violate the confidentiality agreement he’d signed. But he can talk about …

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