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GEORGIA (COUNTRY): Neo-Nazis Pelt Vegan Cafe Patrons With Sausages Because Gays Eat There

The Guardian reports: A vegan cafe in the centre of Tbilisi was shocked to find itself the subject of far-right ire after a group arrived and threw meat on patrons’ plates, leading to a public brawl. Customers said a group entered the cafe wearing sausages around their necks and carrying slabs of meat on skewers, before attacking customers and staff. …

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TBILISI: Gay Book Controversy Roils Nation Of Georgia

The nation of Georgia has seen several demonstrations and assaults over the publication of a book by a 20 year-old author which mocks the Orthodox Church and depicts several gay sexual encounters. Via the Moscow Times: The catalyst for the dispute was a provocative new book satirizing the church, the most respected institution in Georgia. Its title is an irreverent …

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Tbilisi: Georgian Police Raid LGBT Center

Georgian LGBT organization The Inclusive Foundation reports that numerous members were detained by the police in a raid that occurred last week in Tbilisi. On December 15 2009 the office of the Inclusive Foundation, a well known Georgian LGBT organisation, was raided by the police. They did not wear police uniforms, did not provide a search warrant, did not inform …

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