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Utah Unthink Tank: Give Discrimination Exemptions To All People Of Faith

Salt Lake City’s new anti-LGBT discrimination law exempts churches and religious groups. The Sutherland Institute wants that exemption extended to anybody who believes in God, which would effectively gut the law from having any use at all. The ordinances protect gays and lesbians from discrimination in housing and employment. Sutherland Institute president Paul Mero says churches and some organizations have …

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Utah Unthink Tank: Sexual Orientation Is Nothing But An Illusion

Fallout for the Mormon Church’s unprecedented support for LGBT rights in Utah is already coming. A representative from the Sutherland Institute, whose “about” page describes themselves as a “public policy group” looking to “transcend impulsive, convenient, or self-serving policies” told the audience at a debate with Equality Utah that “sexual orientation is an illusion” and that “the gloves must come …

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