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World Net Daily’s Unfunny DJ Dolce Thinks It’s OK To Use “Faggot”

After I posted that super not funny clip from World Net Daily “comedian” DJ Dolce yesterday, WND has added the below clip to their YouTube channel. Recorded in March, in this clip DJ Dolce smirks and shrugs and indicates that it’s perfectly fine to call Rep. Barney Frank a “faggot.” Remember this is an official “performer” of the nation’s most …

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World Net Daily’s Unfunny Comedian Is Extra Super Unfunny

World Net Daily’s DJ Dolce is probably the worst comedian in history. I have no idea what WND thinks they’re accomplishing with this. DJ Dolce clearly shares producers with fellow WND asshat, Molotov Mitchell.

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Haloscan Issue

Haloscan is having its quarterly meltdown. Comments appear to be posting OK, but the number count is not updating. My apologies. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, but in the meantime y’all will have to manually check each post for added comments.

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