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Exodus International Launches Campaign In Support Of Anti-Gay Bullying

GLSEN’s national Day Of Silence is six weeks away, but the “ex-gay” mental cases at Exodus International have already launched their “Day Of Truth” campaign to stop students from being taught that it’s wrong to beat up and harass gay kids. According to Exodus, the anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund is standing by with 1200 attorneys to represent anybody that faces …

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GOProud: Gay Liberals Suck For Not Supporting Our CPAC Sponsorship

GOProud’s chairman of the board Christopher Barron is angry that liberals haven’t supported their sponsorship of the ultraconservative wingnut CPAC conference. Barron writes in a Metro Weekly editorial: In a case of truly strange bedfellows, the gay left has joined the most radical elements of the social conservative movement in attacking GOProud’s participation. You can understand the fear of extremists …

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