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MISSOURI: Springfield Voters Narrowly Repeal LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law

It was a nail-biter in Springfield tonight but in the end the good guys lost. The vote was close but Springfield voters on Tuesday rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance meant to protect gay men, lesbian women, and transgender people. The Springfield City Council added those protections to the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance last October. The amendment aimed to provide protection from discrimination …

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MISSOURI: Springfield Readies For Repeal Vote On LGBT Non-Discrimination Laws

Colin Murphy reports at Boom LGBT: Mirroring a wave of anti-equality efforts in state legislatures and cities across the nation, opponents of a recently passed LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance in Missouri’s third largest city are asking voters to repeal the law on April 7. In a 6-3 vote on Oct. 13, The Springfield City Council passed City Ordinance 6141, a bill …

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