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World Net Daily: Angry Liberal Witches Are Continuing To Cast “Binding Spells” Against Donald Trump

Via World Net Daily: Among the angry liberals who refuse to accept the 2016 presidential election results that put Donald Trump in the Oval Office are witches who will be gathering at midnight on Sunday to cast spells. Again. They already tried last month to conjure up magic to remove him from office. Witches, exorcists and occultists say they again …

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World Net Daily: Witches Nationwide Are Casting Spells Against Trump By Sticking Pins In Baby Carrots

Via World Net Daily: It’s not just a political battle anymore. It’s spiritual warfare now. Exorcists, witches and occultists “in a number of magical groups” are announcing plans for a ritual designed to “bind Donald Trump and all who abet him.” It’s to happen Friday at midnight at a variety of locations across the nation, and again every month until …

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