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Today In Teabagistan…

Death & Taxes has some background: Brian Schwanke, self-described Christian, Tea Party Patriot, ‘feminazi’ hater and Civil War reenactor was simply appalled when he saw a picture of President Obama appearing to “flirt” with Demark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. So disgusted was he that he immediately took to his Facebook page to scrawl “What a classy president we have. His …

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Smoking Gun Obtains Complaints To FCC About Adam Lambert

Here are three examples of complaints received by the FCC about Adam Lambert’s performance on the American Music Awards, as obtained by the Smoking Gun via the Freedom Of Information Act. Embiggen to read, or see the full forms on TSG. Many of the complaints went far beyond the performance itself and launched into full-on anti-gay hatred.

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