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New To The Oxford Dictionary: Squee, YOLO, Moobs, Gender-Fluid, Biatch, Butt-Fucker, Clickbait, Slacktivist

Reuters reports: You know, some yogalates could tackle those splendiferous moobs. Confused? Then turn to the Oxford English Dictionary which has included the words among more than 1,000 revisions and updates for its latest update. Splendiferous, meaning full of or abounding in splendor, joins yogalates, a fitness routine combining pilates exercises with the techniques of yoga, and moobs, unusually prominent …

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The Rise Of Britishisms

Last month the BBC published an article noting that many Britishisms have recently come into (relatively) common usage in the United States.  A follow-up article this week lists some of the words BBC readers are hearing more frequently from Yanks.  Here’s just a few of them: bloody, bum, chav, cheeky, flat, frock, gobsmacked, kit, loo, queue, row, shag, skint, sussed.  …

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Today’s Word Of The Day over on UrbanDictionary.com is “homoblivious”: Not having the ability to recognize homosexuals as being homosexuals; a lack of gaydar. Example: “He was so homoblivious that he didn’t know that guy was coming on to him.” Everybody got that?.

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