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Christian Activist Sheila Zilinksy: The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Was A “Pagan Blood Sacrifice Ritual” [AUDIO]

According to entirely-not-insane Christian activist Sheila Zilinsky, the Las Vegas massacre was obviously a “pagan blood sacrifice ritual” because the Luxor hotel next door is shaped like a pyramid. Plus a whole lot of other something Freemasons something Illuminati. Kyle Mantyla has the transcript at Right Wing Watch: “Folks, this whole thing in Las Vegas,” she said, “this killing field …

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Christian Activist Sheila Zalinsky: The Evil Anti-Christian NFL Is Brainwashing People With Gamma Rays [AUDIO]

“I told you the NFL was out of the bowels of hell and nothing more than a propaganda machine with mindless sheep who are brainwashed every night of the week with the alpha, gamma, theta waves, the delta waves lulling people into trances, slipping people into mass hypnosis. That’s declassified, folks. High-level mind control projects have been exposed, it’s on …

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