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Seattle AIDS Group Turns Culture Police

Dan Savage reports that Seattle’s Lifelong AIDS Alliance has canned Glamazonia, the long-time hostess of its popular Gay Bingo fundraiser, because (get this) of a new sexual harassment policy that does not allow the use of naughty language during its events. Drag queens. No trash talk. The mind reels. Glamazonia, aka Thom Hubert, says, “There was language [in the policy] …

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Showbears: The Audition

Just one of several hilarious spots for the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, which starts October 12th. The spots are written and directed by David Quantic. Also recommended: Drag Queen Workshop.

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Seattle Pride Saved

On Tuesday, Seattle’s gay pride organization, Out And Proud, announced that they were cancelling this year’s pride celebration and declaring bankruptcy, due to the organization’s $102,000 debt from last year’s event. But upon hearing the news, Seattle’s mo’s came rushing to the rescue, pouring in enough donations to retire the debt by the end of that very day. Amazing! Seattle’s …

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