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CNN Hires Trump Cultist Former GOP Rep. Sean Duffy

The Daily Beast reports: During Sunday morning’s State of the Union, anchor Jake Tapper introduced former Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) as a new paid contributor for the network. “Let’s bring in new CNN contributor, commentator and former congressman Sean Duffy,” Tapper said ahead of a panel discussion. “Thank you for being here and congratulations on joining the CNN family.” A …

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Christian Radio Host: Don’t Marry “Educated Women With Degrees,” They Should Be Cooking And Cleaning

“She has control over him. He’s a beta male. So Sean Duffy, Representative Duffy, you are a beta male! It’s ridiculous, really ridiculous, and it’s sad for the children. Nine children? You need to be home, and the man, you need to be out providing and being the light for your family. “Men, you need to come back to your …

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WISCONSIN: GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Abruptly Resigns

From GOP Rep. Sean Duffy’s Facebook page: Next to marrying Rachel, representing you – the people and families of Wisconsin’s 7th District – in Congress has been the highest honor of my life. Together, we have engaged in the most important battles of our time: protecting freedom of speech and religious liberty, taking care of our veterans, defending the unborn, …

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