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CALIFORNIA: Governor Gets Bill Allowing Some Cities To Decide If Bars Can Stay Open Until 4AM [VIDEO]

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: Gov. Jerry Brown will decide whether San Francisco, Oakland and five other California cities should be allowed to keep their bars open until 4 a.m. Under a bill the state Legislature approved Thursday, the cities could participate in a five-year pilot program that extends the time alcohol can be served at bars, nightclubs and restaurants …

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CALIFORNIA: State Senate Candidate Scott Wiener Employs Trio Of Drag Queens For Campaign Ad [VIDEO]

The clip is already getting notice overseas. Via Britain’s Mirror: A politician has released a jaw-dropping campaign video to try and convince voters he’s the man for the job – featuring drag queens and a bespoke version of a Katy Perry track. Scott Wiener has put Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to shame with this amazing campaign video which shows …

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Short Film on PrEP: Unwrapping Truvada

Featuring Dan Savage, Cleve Jones, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation head Michael Weinstein. (Tipped by JMG reader Eric)

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