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LCR Cries Foul On Mark Buse

Log Cabin’s Scott Tucker is crying wah-wah-wah because the evil lefty gay bloggers have been talking about McCain’s chief of Quislings, Mark Buse. Mark Buse has been openly gay for years and has acknowledged as much. So the notion that he has been “outed” is simply false. But secondly–and this is the bigger point–this political stunt by Mike Rogers just …

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HomoQuotable – Scott Tucker

“Well, we hit the ground in Minneapolis and, as you can imagine, it’s been quite hectic. The McCain campaign did a brilliant job today of quickly stealing back the spotlight after Sen. Obama’s successful speech in Denver. Sen. McCain’s choice for Vice President, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is a smart choice on many levels. She unifies the GOP across the …

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